All Night Chick-fil-a Party



Kristina and my friend Pammy decided to camp out at the new Chick-fil-a just off of route 29 on Johns Hopkins Road. Since it is a new store, the restruant chain hosts a campout where the first 100 people in line at 6am get 52 free meal coupons. They certainly picked a cold night to do it as the temperatures are bound to dip below freezing. There were lots of tents setup in the parking lot. One group of people even brought a gas generator which powered a projector and game system. Chick-fil-a would hand out free food to the uber-patrons and I visited at the right time for free nuggets. Hopefully everyone will make it through the night to claim their coupons. The line started forming at 11am Wednesday for the grand opening at 6am on Thursday morning. These people are anything but chicken.

2 Responses to “ All Night Chick-fil-a Party ”

  1. wrong! 6am on Wednesday, not 11am 🙂 and one lady was there on wednesday morning at 12am!!

  2. Oh right, you guys didn’t get there until about 11am. My B.

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