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With so many sites video aggregation sites out there, wouldn’t it be nice if you could search for videos across all of them from one place? lets you do just that and throws on a clean user interface to top it off.

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Blip TV,, Daily Motion, Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, Veoh, & YouTube are all used as sources for’s content. The killer feature of this video site is it creates dynamic playlists based on your search term letting you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your not-so-hard labor. The experience is on par with the popular video on-demand application Joost, from the founders of Skype and Kazaa. offers a far better experience, in my opinion, for a few reasons.

1) is in the browser.
There is no application to download and you can access your saved videos from any Internet-connected computer that has Flash.

2) All the content on the Internet is available not just select partners. Joost provides a wide variety of content but once you have seen it all the only thing you can do is wait for Joost to add more shows. Meanwhile, the Internet will never run out of things for you to kill hours of time watching. This is also a plus for content providers to offer a new way to distribute content to an audience and not be shut out by the big wigs at Joost.

3) No annoying ads.
The ads on Joost, while short, become bland and annoying very fast. offers only the stuff you want without interrupting you for something don’t give two hoots about.

The video quality on is on par with YouTube videos; heavily compressed with visible artifacts. Joost is slightly better but for all the other advantages offers it earns my recommendation over Joost.

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  1. Thanks for the great review Russell 🙂

    We will be continously improving and trying to hunt down better quality video too!

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