Combat Roach Gel Kills Cockroaches

Like most apartment dwellers, I get the occasional visits from roaches. After a couple of weeks of trying ineffective do-it-yourself measures like keeping things extra clean and plugging up any possible entrances, I decided to invest in a tube of roach gel.

After Googling around for the best way to kill roaches, I found explaining the Combat Roach Killing Gel that comes in a syringe is the best at dealing with the pests. How does the gel work? Roaches eat the gel and then retreat back to their nest where they die and other roaches eat the poisoned carcasses, thus eliminating the nest.

Combat Roach Killing Gel

The best place to get this stuff is at Walgreens but since there are no Walgreens within a reasonable distance from my apartment, I had to order it online and wait for the mailman to bring it to my door.

I applied it to as many cracks and crevices in the kitchen before my week-long Montana vacation. Since I got back, I haven’t seen a single roach. They used to come out and scurry at night, but now they seem to be non-existent.

Roach Gel Syringe

The only cons of the gel is it is a dark brown color (which looks like poo) which can clash with your room and it can be a little messy when applying. But aside from that, this stuff is well worth the price of $5.99 per tube which should be enough for a three bedroom apartment.

So forget the sprays, powders, and traps, Combat Roach Gel is all you need.

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  1. Maybe we should have just applied our own poo to the crevices?

  2. I just used the gel due to my house is overrun by roaches and i went to check up on the gel and within 10mins i found 3 dead roaches most likely more but I’m glad i got it.

  3. I didn’t have that dramatic results but boy does this stuff work well.

  4. I have used this gel more than once. When applied the roaches die within a day or two and stay gone for years. We almost never have roaches, but if I get a re-infestation (usually when someone brings home a cardboard box) then I re-apply it in the kitchen or wherever. I live in the South and American Roaches are known as “Palmetto Bugs”. They wander in from time to time from the woods around the house.

    Making long strips along the baseboard/floorworks well, and it matches my dark laminate floor. Considering the results, it’s well worth the price and IMHO is the equivilant of hiring an exterminator.

  5. Glad to hear someone who had the same result as I did. This stuff really is amazing.

  6. It started when I saw 1 roach in my new apt i havnt had a chance to move into yet but maint. used it in my entire apt and in hall ways and other tenants as well…how long does this stuff really take to kill these little creeps since they gel the apt I checked on it last and iv seen like 12 what the heck does it really work or does it take some time? the only ting I noticed is that they are slowing down they arent as fast as the first 1 I spoted.


    Denver Co.

  7. I noticed results the next day but it may just be in my head. Roaches seem to be few and far between since I re-gelled our kitchen.

  8. I’ve seen the slower roaches too. I think they must be sick after eating the stuff. Eventually you should see a lot of dead ones around. Its been a week since they gelled but I keep seeing slow ones around, just not so many.

  9. I have used the combat gel recently due to me having nasty neighbors who recently moved into my building. I use to see roaches trying to come through my front door, back door and under my toilet. I used this product around those areas and haven’t seen the suckers since. It is very effective and worked the same day for me. I love it!

  10. it a great products that works great. i have used it for years! i tried after a friend recommened to get rid of a major problem i had. the next day it looked like bombed; dead roaches were all over the kitchen. i love it! the company recommends that u reapply every three months, but normally reapply when i start seeing roaches again (it will kill straglers from neighbors) so for me it lasts about 18 months. i think the company changed the recipe becuae it doesnt seem to look the same or work as fast as it did when i first start using it 8 years ago, but it still gets the job done!

  11. When Combat Roach Gel first came out years ago, an exterminator friend told us about it because our duplex apartment was completely infested. It was so bad that we were swatting them at the dinner table while we ate. He told us that it attracted them like no tomorrow, so we put it to the test. We laid a line of it where we could see it and where we knew there were most likely several nests near by and we sat down and watched. After about five minutes or so one appeared and went straight for the gel, then a couple more did the same. After ten minutes there were about a dozen others fighting over it. The next morning the line was gone and there were carcasses all around where it had been. We couldn’t put the stuff down fast enough over the next month and went through three tubes replacing lines as they disappeared. By the end of the month, there was no activity. We discovered that even in the then empty apartment next door, there was nothing. They came to our side to get the gel and took it back and died. Now we always keep a tube on hand.

  12. I noticed the same thing as Ty, they did seem to change the formula it’s darker brown then it used to be and it doesn’t seem to quite as effective, but it is still the best thing I have found. I think they made it a little slower acting to make sure they don’t die before making it back to the nest. Because it seems to take longer for them to die. Also, Mikey Love, they do slow down after hitting the gel. It’ll work just hang in there.

  13. I have use Roach Gel for the past 5 or so years on my rental apartments. This stuff really works. It seems to take about 2 weeks for all of the roaches to be gone. I found some new Gel at Lowes. It seems to work as well as the Combat. So be patient and all of the roaches will be gone. This is the only product that I have found that really gets rid of roaches.

  14. I used this product back in 2000 and I don’t think there is another product that works better. I moved into my duplex 2 years ago and never saw a roach until the people moved in next dorr a month ago and now my kitchen is infested. I had a hard time finding the gel but I am ever so thankful I did because I know this stuff works better than the complex exterminators ever could…

  15. I bought some of the gel a few weeks ago at Home Depot after my landlord seemed not to care that the roaches were going crazy in my bathroom. In a day I saw one or two dead roaches. Now I still see roaches just not as much, I plan on buying some more to put all over the bathroom.

    The sight is ugly when the gel dries but a small price to pay to begin the process of getting rid of roaches.

  16. I had lived in an apartment with no roach problem at all. After a neighbor moved out next door, I started seeing them, everywhere. I tried everything to get rid of them, and finally just had to move out of the apartment. I moved into a duplex, and the little suckers followed me in my furniture and boxes. Again, tried sprays, cleaning, putting all food in tupperware, but they would still be there. So I researched like crazy and came across the combat roach gel. In my upstairs bathroom, there was a towel cabinet right over the toilet where the nest seemed to be. Coudn’t open the door with out 5 or 6 falling off the door and into the toilet. I went crazy putting that stuff all in the cabinet, on the wall where the ceiling connected and where the floor connected. I put it on the toilet in hidden areas. I had decided to test this area, before use on the rest of the house. Two weeks later, nothing but dead roaches in the cabinet. This was back in the summertime. Since then I have used it everywhere in my house, and no roaches at all. I keep a tube ready just in case. When I move again which should be in a few months, before I even move my furniture in, I am going to apply some in the regular places. Definitely recommend this to everyone.

  17. Hi. I currently have a problem with these bugs. not a big problem I haven’t seen one in two days til tonight, i try to kill every one i see, but tonight i found where they are hanging out. in cracks up under the lip of the kitchen counter near my sink, i have very small kitchen and i am scared of chmeicals, would it be safe to put this up under the conter i mean its not like i put my hands or fingers under there. I have used home defense, but i guess it didn’t work, I found this at walmart after the exterminator told me about it cause i can’t afford to hire him, i guess he felt sorry for me, but now find myself scared to put it out, as i have allergies and all. will it drip down? i have a house dog, and don’t want this stuff to leak or drip to the floor and harm my pet will it stay where u put it? someone please let me know, i know you guys say it works, just worried about safety for my pet and if there is a strong chemical smell…. thanks

  18. The Combat Gel doesn’t drip too much after you apply it to a surface. Keep a paper towel handy when you are putting it on so you can clean up and spill-over. Once it dries it becomes a dark brown. Your dog should be fine unless he starts licking the stuff up from where you put it.

  19. I put the gel in old bottle caps and lids and placed them in the corners behind things or to hi for kids or pets. As for allergies, the roachs deposit they leave behind are worse and can lead to bad health problems. They are DIRTY little creatures.

  20. Charlotte, thanks for the great idea with the bottle caps. We need to use the gel but we were afraid to harm the pets. Problem solved, goodbye, roaches..

  21. Great thread. Thanks for posting it. Russell, are you still roach-free, or did they come back? I’d really appreciate an update about this product, because we are trying to decide what to do about our nasty new roach problem. Thanks!

  22. The cockroaches did eventually come back. You need to apply this stuff once every 6 months for the best results. We even had a professional cockroach sprayer come out when we started seeing them again and it didn’t really help.

  23. My best friends apt is overrun. I just went to Ace and they ordered a 2.5 ounce tube for me, to pick up on Thursday. We’re going to give it a try. Let me tell you, these things come out as soon as we sit down to eat, and scatter when we go after them. I’ve never seen an infestation this bad. We’ll apply it this friday and see what happens.

  24. Good luck. It should do a pretty good job in a week’s time.

  25. Just moved into my studio apt- started noticing those nasty roaches popping up in the kitchen. I talked to the doorman and aside from signing up for the exterminator, he recommended the Combat Gel syringe to me, and he mentioned they will just “go away”. So, I took his advice and I applied it around the kitchen.. under the stove, in the corners by the fridge, inside the cabinets… etc. Remember that roaches like to be in damp dark places- so they tend to be whereever water is. The next morning I saw one lone roach belly up right near the fridge, and have to tell you – I haven’t seen one since. I guess I saw about 10 or 12 before I put the gel down. Kudos to the developers of this product! We’ve come a long way since Boric Acid. I cant stand roaches- they make me sick… and they kinda scare me. Thank God this stuff works so well. GOod luck everyone.

  26. I’ve lived in my apt 11 years and only seen about 2 roaches a year, then this summer it’s been like a roach party in my kitchen, yuk. My brother in NY said don’t try anything else, skip straight to the Combat gel. I just put it under the radiator in the kitchen, turned away for two minutes and the next thing I know six roaches were feasting, then instead of running out into the kitchen, slowly dragged themselves back home. Gross! and Yay! I’m so happy I found something for those greedy bastards.

  27. So when they feast they die right cuz i just seen like 6 feasting

  28. As an apartment renter I can’t stand pest control services which usually do no good anyway. I also have an allergy reaction to whatever it is they spray. So when I moved in to my last apartment I told them of my allergy and requested that they not spray – and they didn’t. I’ve lived here for two years now and only just last week saw my first German roach. I finally was able to kill it (optimistically hoping it was the same one – LOL). Then last night I saw another and killed it (this one was more broader and smaller). But now I’m am wary that an infestation is in the future. I am not sure, of course – I did bring in some items from the trunk of my car and the roaches showed up shortly thereafter. But I simply CANNOT start with the pest control – so I was thinking of doing a bug bomb and leaving for the day. Then I thought of roach motels. Then it occurred to me that if I did a net search I might find a better way and immediately the gel product came up at several sites, including this one. I’m going tonight and buy that gel! I hope I can nip this in the bud – those German roaches are a prolific bunch. I’d much rather deal with the occasional Palmetto bug that those tiny little weasily suckers! Thanks for the column and for the others who commented. It may save me, for sure!

  29. Combat Gel is the best, and in my opinion, the only way to totally rid your house/apartment of those pesky roaches. Living in the projects, roach infestation is a major problem no matter how clean you are. I’ve helped people get rid of them with the Gel in apts with few roaches to apts with hundreds. Some were so bad that you have roaches everywhere during the day and if you turn out the lights, thousands. Put the Gel down and in a few days, you see a sparse amount in different locations. After a week, you have to hunt for them and most likely you’ll only find dead ones. This product is nothing short of magnificent. Oh, if you use the fast killing formula, you will have a lot of dead roaches to clean up which is counter-productive. You want them to have enough strength to make it back behind the walls to their nests so they’ll die there and instead of you tossing them in the garbage, they’ll be eaten and kill the rest of the nest. But either way, you’ll have a roach free house within a week and it will stay that way for months. People try to tell you leaving food out brings roaches. Not true. If there are no roaches, you can take your time eating that sandwich. You don’t have to worry about walking away from your plate and sharing it with some 6 legged creature. So treat your house and after a month, retreat it and it will be about a year before you begin to see critters again. Kudos to Combat for the best roach relief system known to man.

  30. We moved into a very nice trailer in a new trailer park. I am a person who like to keep the house clean and hate critters. When I first saw a little black bug in my bean dip I had left out (husband said he put it away), I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t think about it that much until I found a big brown roach when I was letting the dogs out in the middle of the night. I also see a couple when I open cupboards at night. I freaked out and went on line to figure out what I should do. By the way, I have two puppies and a cat. I needed to find roach killer that are safe for my pets. I went to Kmart and got some bug spray and sprayed around the kitchen floor and inside the cabnit that I have found them in. I later found out that the spray is mainly to keep bugs out, not really kill them. I bought some powder but I couldn’t figure out how to properly spray the powder places so I was able to just place it in the laundry room, and then on paper plates and put one under the stove and on top of the counter so my pets wont get to it. I did that last week and I don’t think it has worked that good. I also put out the combat houses out around the kitchen. It’s hard to tell if they have traveled through them or not. I havn’t seen them for two days (maybe because I have been trying to avoid the kitchen!!). So I was thinking good they are died. Well… last night when the dogs were sleeping I went into the dark kitchen. Flipped the light on and noticed that all these little baby roaches were running around in circles around the dog food/water dish! I didn’t know what to do so I ran to get the bug spray. I sprayed them dead (probably by flooding them and stomping on them). Now my problem is to figure out a way to give the dogs their food and water without have all those nasty roaches. Any help there? I luckily picked up some of the gel when I got the powder and roach houses but didn’t know how to put it out or where to put it out. So after reading these GREAT reviews. I believe I am going to put it out 🙂 Any advice?! I want these nasty critters died!! 🙁 I hate bugs. Worst part, I think my husband hates them worse.

  31. OK. I’ve had a roach problem for months. I’ve had an exterminator here twice. And actually have an appointment for her to come today. But what she’s doing is not working. 🙁 I continue to see roaches from babies, to mid size, to full size. I had bought Amdro gel because Amdro is the best treatment for the fire ants here in SW FL. I put that out along with her spraying. And I’m concerned about the spraying because of the smell AND my two dogs and two cats!
    I’ve read the reviews and got the gel out and ‘caulked’ by the dogs dishes/water. I put pea sized dots of gel in the areas of my kitchen counter where they ‘hide’ and I also made two feeders I’d gotten from another site. 50% each baking soda and sugar. They can’t resist the sugar and the baking soda kills them.
    I have a Walgreens nearby and am going to get the Combat brand. Enough is enough already!
    I have to say that I’ve wondered if this blog isn’t an advertisement for Combat. Not one negative comment and, well, I’m always suspicious of these things. But because of the close proximity of Walgreen’s and the price I really cannot go wrong. I’ll let you all know in a few days!
    Oh, what do I do about the dishwasher? It’s wet and dark and the babies love it in there.

  32. Nope, this blog has no affiliation with Combat. Just me, a real-life human from the DC area who blogs here on occasion. I fixed my roach problem… I moved!

  33. Moving isn’t that easy to do for me. I own my home here in SW FL. I’m guessing that I brought them into the house with a warehouse club box or a bag of potatoes.
    So, are you saying the combat didn’t work? Anyone else have any comments?

  34. The Combat Gel will certainly put a dent in the number of roaches you see. After I moved out, my roommates mentioned they had an exterminator come for a couple of weeks. They found the roaches made a nest in the dish washer.

    I think you’ll see good results with the combat gel in the short term but you also need a quality exterminator in the long run.

  35. I’ve had an exterminator in — twice in the last six weeks! Argh!!! And I wonder, now that you say that about the dishwasher, as that’s where I see the babies. ugh Now to see how to attack the dishwasher!

  36. I have tried everything. Going to purchase combat tomorrow. If anyone figure out what to do about dishwasher please let me know. Will follow up on results

  37. Yeah, please let me know too about the dishwasher. I think that is where mine are coming from as well. Also- I noticed since I put the Combat gel under my sink, there is a very strong odor coming out from under the sink. I thought this stuff was supposed to be oderless? I have a 16 month old son, so I can’t have noxious chemicals in my house (much less disease ridden cockroaches….)

  38. I had a roach problem for years. I never wanted anyone to come to my house. I tryed everything. Foggers , Boric Acid, Sprays and nothing seem to work. It would kill them but
    they always come back. Nasty little things when you would turn on the lights they were
    everywhere…Anyways one day a friend of mine gave me some of the combat gel and
    I used in with a little while I started seeing dead roaches. So I bought some more and also
    got the little combat roach motels and sit them out. In a few months NO MORE ROACHES
    and that was last year.. I havent had to use the gel since then but I do keep the roach motels
    out hidden in my house. The only ones that worked for me is the combat ones. Still NO MORE ROACHES its great stuff.

  39. If I use the gel and the roaches get on some food and not knowing they were on the food eat it will it hurt me or my kids.

  40. Probably. But this stuff does a good job at killing the little buggers. This shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you live in a roach nest, which it sounds like you are.

  41. just put some combat gel out in my new house, had roaches in my old house and want to see if i can get rid of them this time. read alot of good things and also saw an episode of billy the exterminator one night and seen him using the gel for a customer of his, did some research and found billy’s blog. he said and i quote” hands down that combat gel is the best way to go” so we will see, i’ll keep everyone posted.

  42. ok so i put the gel and have not seen not 1 roach since i put it down, i wanted to buy 2 more tubes and lay it down but maybe just 1 more to be safe, this stuff really works, i came from an apartment that was full of roaches and moved to a new one, i started seeing roaches i bought the gel and it worked, those roach motels dont work for some reason dont waste your money buying them, buy the gel its like miracle paste. hope this has helped someone.

  43. take the dishwasher out , simple as that

  44. Hey there,
    I just had an exterminator in my place on Monday after seeing a roach a day for the past week. He put the gel down and I saw a roach yesterday and 2 more today. I have such a huge phobia that I am really hoping to be done with all this.

    For the dishwasher problem, this guy put a goop of gel in the latch part in the dishwasher.

  45. hi my name is paul i tried combat about 2 yrs ago and havent had even one roach since i tried spays the roach bombs in a can nothing worked until i tried the combat jell i hope we can get the word out there for peaple to use this for there family and so our children can have a clean place to live so if u have roaches please use this combat it really does work

  46. Our private house is about 20 feet from the neighbors who have a place totally infested with roaches (along with dogs/cats which NEVER get walked outside). The old man (in a wheelchair) and lady will come out if they see you and talk you to death. They actually have roaches crawling on their clothing and don’t seem to notice. They knock on our door and give us stuff (they collect junk) and we have learned to say thank you and IMMEDIATELY take it out the other door (we don’t want to be rude). Nevertheless, we quickly became overridden with roaches. Everywhere!!! Open doors, they would jump on you, cook anything and they came running with their forks in hand, put down a drink and they were in it, sit down and they started crawling on you…DISGUSTING. I tried sprays, traps, hotels, boric acid, horse apples and took everything out of cabinets (kept things in sealed tubs, jars, refrigerator, etc.). They MULTIPLIED – we got an exterminator. He said it would take a few treatments and not to worry if we saw MORE of them. We saw more!!! We stopped having guests as it was too embarrassing.

    We were ready to just get rid of all our belongings and move when someone told us to try COMBAT. I finally found it in Walmart and picked up two tubes of gel ($8.99 each) and three boxes ($6.99 a box) of the little black “hotels/restaurants”. I came home and put out the 36 black things everywhere (kitchen, living area, bath, hall, two bedrooms). Before I even got to the gel, the suckers were lined up at the black things trying to get in…I was too tired to start with the gel. The next morning, I found thousands of dead roaches everywhere (along with some slow moving ones). I was amazed! I put out some of the disgusting looking gel along the ceiling and doorways. Within two days, we saw at least 90% less roaches and LOTS of dead ones. Now, just a week later, we see a stray one here and there. And, I’m still cleaning up new dead ones. I simply cannot believe how well COMBAT works. Hopefully, they will stay gone. I’m keeping a supply of COMBAT on hand in case they try to make a comeback.

  47. Only during the summer months would I ever see 1 or 2 roaches. Then a few months ago while I was washing the kitchen floor I noticed a roach who disappeared between the baseboard and wall. Upon further investigation I found a gazillion in that same area. I FREAKED OUT!!! I tried Raid spray and bombs: none of those worked. I’ve been using Boric Acid and that seems to have helped somewhat. I discovered another roach killer online called Bengal Gold roach spray which is claimed to be non toxic. The company also claims that it destroys the roaches ability to reproduce. Is anyone familiar with Bengal Gold roach spray? I would love to hear any comments on this as I am going to purchase it. Thank you.


  49. Hey Nand,

    Try looking for it on they have a good selection.


  51. I found ONE roach in my apartment today and I am absolutely terrified of them since i am from the north like INDIANA and moved to Georgia. We told our apartment complex about the one we found and they didn’t seem to care, we took the roach to the office in a jar and showed them.

    I have been looking all over and making sure this place is ROACH free but i am thinking that from what people say “if there is one there is more” I want to be sure their all gone!

    I’m hoping i dont see another one and if i do i will be sure to go get this gel! Thanks for blogging about it! its very helpful!

    I also read that the roaches droppings can be a hazard? what could it do and has anyone ever gotten out of a contract in an apartment complex for roach problems?

  52. get the gel NOW! if you see one, THERE IS MORE. it’s true- i thought the same thing when i moved into this little duplex in Eugene, OR. I moved in in March, saw one roach the first night we were here, and then I didn’t see any for a while. Well, turns out all I had to do was get settled in and wait about two months, and now THEY’RE IN MY DISHWASHER, I am pretty sure they’ve moved into the bottom of my coffee maker…. I am INSANELY upset. I don’t know if this is grounds to terminate a lease, but oh man, do I want to get out of here. I have a 16 month old son- so I can’t spray, because it will settle all over our belongings and contaminate my son’s things… I just bought the combat gel yesterday and I have been seeing MORE of them. I sincerely hope that this stuff starts to work soon, because I’m about ready to move the family out to the freaking car….

  53. The Combat gel works wonders at first. 2-3 years down the road the roaches become ammune to the stuff. If you get a reinfestation Boric acid works well too. Try to mix and match your poison. Don’t use foggers or sprays they are extremely messy and don’t work well.

  54. is this only to commnt about Combat? yeah, i guess it works fine from what i see here. but what i got from a friend is MegaRoachKill paste and i put it into some corners etc and roaches just died like crazy and now no problems at all. hope this wasn’t only supposed to be abt Combat?

  55. The more options the merrier. Combat RoachGel worked for me.

  56. Last year I had a significant roach problem in the summer. I had the maintenance team spray. I didn’t see much since. Seems like the problem starts around spring through summer. anyway i saw one in my bathroom on Tuesday and another dead one in the living room on Wednesday. I freaked. I CANNOT live with reaches! My last place was totally infested, I ended up breaking my lease because of it. But I want to he proactive this time. If there is one, there are hundreds more. So I found this website. I bought a box of combat yesterday and out it in the cracks in my bathroom and in the kitchen. The gel I used was not dark like stated in the previous posts. It is kind of light brown. Also, it doesn’t look wet but kind of dry. Is this right? I hope it works. I didn’t see any dead ones this morning or any actually. I guess time will tell.

  57. last summer was the first time I’ve ever had roaches so even the very first one kicked in my ocd and I lost sleep and even avoided eating at home… frieds hated coming over to my house cause i was very retentive about what could come in and such.. but yest combat does work especially if you use combinations like bait stations and gels. but what I want to know is, is this something I’m going to have to deal with every year starting with the last week of june thru late august?
    I loved here for two years before i saw one, had a nasty next door nbr, but only caught one actually coming under the back door. a year later and bamb! roaches, not very many but enough. I wish i was informed, cause i think befor the problem, i had seen a baby or 2 but didn’t realize they were german cockroaches now i know and it’s july again and in the past three weeks I’ve killed tow adults and two tiny babies… i didn’t know that this would become a regular anual event…. kind of makes you want to live in space….. please advise thanks

  58. Probably. Apply new gel every season and you should be fine. Living ain’t easy.

  59. I highly suggest using Bengal’s spray with it…We completely debugged a house that was infested in AL with both….They are both FABULOUS products!!! 😀

  60. Hello I’m trying the Combat Gel for the first time after a roach infestation. I’ve been in my apartment for now a year and a half and I have seen them here and there but never like this. This summer especially at night when the light go out it’s party time for them (haha they should go half with me on the bills) anyways I was using boric acid which was effective for a while but now I’m starting to see them in the day time that’s when I knew it was a problem. I purchase the Combat Gel from walmart so I hope it works I have heard pretty good things. Thanks everyone!

  61. I’m about to use it in my house.. too many german cockroaches… tried many different baits and sprays, but their winning. Makes me feel like I’m the Libyan leader being ousted in my own place… So I will use COMBAT… I will make war with them!!!!

    “NO MY PEOPLE LOVES ME!!!… hahaha, suckers!!!”

  62. COMBAT is simply the BEST. I had tried many things to get rid of those awful animals. Nothing had worked. My neighbor told me about Combat in Nov. 2009. I could not believe it when I did not see even one roach in his apartment. So I run to get Combat at H.E.B the next day. What he said was so true! After 10 days, I have not seen roaches in my apartment. I bought the pack of 18 once. So it does last more than 12 months.
    I love you, Combat♥♥♥ Thanks a lot to the “inventor”.

  63. Lived in my building for 25 years and suddenly 3 years ago have been annoyed with roaches!!!
    They drive me crazy–drive me to drink. NO, actually stopped me from drinking as for the trauma of seeing those nasty creatures. Going to buy combat after reading the various postings on this site. Also, my son’s teacher’s assistant recommended combat saying that it really works and the roaches will disappear. I certainly hope so.

  64. as someone mentioned above using the Bengal roach spray along with the gel is amazing. the spray is a little pricey ($8-$10 a bottle) but in my opinion it’s a small price to pay because the stuff works miracles. About an hour after spraying i found myself sweeping up dozens of dead roaches.

  65. Seems like bug spray brings more roaches. Always have to find one in the middle of the kitchen floor. They are driving me KrAzZZZZy ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Going to use boric acid and combat and bay leaves only (no spray).

  66. Hello my kids & i are also “cockroach phobic” They drives us nuts! (We live in a duplex) I did the gel after being too terrified to go into the kirchen after dark! The gel was awesome, the nx cpl days there were a few dead here and there then no more! Well that was Aug 29th. We just got a lovely new neighbor & wouldnt ya kno about a week after she moves in they show up again! I dont think the gel is even gone yet! Im not waiting im buying more gel tomorrow. How can i kill hers & mine though? Will they carry it over thru the walls or roof? I dont care about the chick or even kno her but i sure DO NOT want her roaches! Do u think the gel every 2wks for a month or2 will take care of them or hould i do gel with P.F. HARRIS tablets?

  67. How the gel works is the cockroaches eat it, then scurry off to wherever they live, and then die. The other cockroaches then eat the remains of the dead roaches (talk about a dog eat dog world), and then they too die.

  68. See i knew that was how it wrkd. So why didnt they find the gel bait i had out and available? I checked where i put it last time and most of it is still there!! Why arent they eating it? I bought the “hotel” baits this morning along with the gel so i hope it works this time! does anyone kno how to get some inside the wall? Theres a hole in my kitchen wall, until its sealed i want to put somethin in the wall or just in the edgeof the hole. Anyone have any other advice?

  69. This is my 2nd time using Combat. My 1st time the apt below me was infested bad. I only had enuf to gross me out and took action fast. Combat kept them out of my house. Ive since moved to a different place and Im told by the manager that they have em pretty bad next to me. I dont see many, but I know they’re coming. He set me up with his professional pest control guy. I asked him to hold off because I have that much confidence in this product named Combat. I know this stuff works.

  70. I have lived in my apt for 10yrs. In the begining when I moved in, I saw so many of these sh*** I didn’t know what to do! I tried every single thing. Then an exterminator told me to buy one of these gels. I did. I haven’t seen a single one for like 8yrs out of the 10yrs I have been here. Now I am in the process of moving. Before I moved all my stuff to the other apt, I put that gel everywhere. I saw one mofo when I started to clean the apt before I moved stuff. With that gell all over, I am sure that is the last one I will see.

  71. i have used the new combat max and it is totally different from the combat platinum. i hate the max kind because it seem my roaches got even worst i wish i could get my money back because I bought a plenty and i am so not satisfied….

  72. Dear Sir,

    I have used your combat gel. Since one month finished. Only 90% effected and till alive 10%. I think the gel is may be expired. You are not indicating the shelf-life and date of production and date of expiry.

    Please reply


  73. This post is the story of my experiences with this gel. I’m sorry it’s only 90% effective for you.

  74. The roach gel is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once you put it down, in a few days you see dramatic results. I wish someone would find a like remedy for mice. Please note with the roach gel, the color can be noticable and old syringes tend to dry up and make the flow of the gel(when applying) difficult.

  75. I have read this whole comment section and just got to the bottom. Wow a lot of comments and stories.
    I have a question for the publisher of this blog.
    Everyone keeps mentioning a different kind of Combat. The platinum, the max, the syringe, I don’t know which kind to get.
    Please reply and let me know which is the one to use? What are the difference between all the different kinds of Combat gels? I want the best one and I don’t care what it costs!! So do you recommend the platinum, the max, syringe or what?
    Anyone please answer. I am disgusted and have never had this problem before. I just moved into an apartment for the first time and now I am going nuts over these nasty things.
    Please comment everyone. PLEASE?!!!!

  76. Here just order one or two of these

    Apply to areas where you see them once every 6 months or so and say good bye to the roaches. Enjoy your first apartment.

  77. Last month my nephew and his girlfriend came to my house during christmas break. They go to the university near my house and since he works they needed somewhere to stay (with all their junk) until school started again…Anyway, a week after they came I saw a roach or two in the kitchen in the morning when I’d get up. I would kill them or chase them. My refrigerator sometimes leaks and the roaches would be running under the stove which is next to the refrigerator. I was hoping that all I needed to do was to make sure the refrigerator didn’t leak and that all food and garbage was properly disposed of. No such luck. Fast forward, my nephew and co. have been gone now about a month and now my kitchen is infested!!! Last night I went downstairs and when I cut the light on the floor was swarming with them. It’s been about 2 months since my relative came and in that amount of time it’s gotten out of hand. A couple of weeks ago I bought the combat baits and although I’ve found a couple of dead roaches, it’s not working fast enough! So now I’m going to get this gel and I pray it works!

  78. It works! (forgot to update) Within a few days I saw maybe 1 or 2 roaches. Now they’re completely gone. I’m keeping a supply on hand, just in case.

  79. Haven’t seen a roach since, but I recently spent the night at a friends house and the roach infestation is rediculous. They have the baits all over the floor but that doesn’t seem to be working. I think I will buy them the gel for christmas (or sooner). I hope I don’t bring any back home with me.

  80. Hi all. Loved this blog, it gives me hope.

    i live in a building where garbage is prolifically spread. the entrances to the building are constantly covered in food matter, and the garbage chute areas are used as dumping grounds (they never use the door)

    i never saw a roach until one of the ‘messy’ tenants moved out. the first one i saw crawl along the kitchen floor, i caught it and carried it to the office. theyre reply was ‘i dont want that in here’
    i said neither do i.

    a week and a half later the exterminator came and applied maxforce gel. it has been 4 days and the roach sightings are becoming quite often. i saw one crawl under the carpet.

    i hope this gel works; i am going to move to another place and break my contract due to infestation and treat my new place before an infestation can take hold.

    thanks all for your replies!

    brad in malton


  82. Used this gel before…it is fantastic…recently moved and found some critters from a past tenant…searched and searched and couldn’t find the gel in the store I used to get it in…was gonna order online and lo and behold, someone told me to check Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmarts…found it in all three and in the local little hardware store down the street from me. Lookout critters, ur gonna die now. Pointer…if u put it under the microwave, refrigerator, or stove it works just as well if you put it on a piece of paper (like a paper bag) and slide it under the appliance.

  83. That paper bag trick is a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

  84. September 2010, I and my wife bought and used (combat platinum-roach killing gel). Before using this particular one named above, our entire home was filled with roaches. In our bed rooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchen, and everywhere else one could find these insects. After applying combat platinum-roach killing gel for the first time, to be exact, two days after, our house was roach free home. Since then, the product (Combat platinum-roach killing gel) is out of the market. Why? Please bring it back. Combat-source kill Max worth nothing. I live in atlanta, Georgia

  85. For years I have tried to get rid of these Nasty pests. I’ve gone out if my mind cleaning, making sure food is put away, dishes are out of the sink, and spraying Raid. Nothing had worked! My landlord has an exterminator come in every other month to spray ( some cheap diluted spray). Well the last time he came he seem to be in a rush and didn’t come in to spray. The exterminator handed me 2 boxes of Combat. I left it under my sink for a day or 2 then I decided to use it. Best thing since Hot Coffee!!! I haven’t seen a roach since, I Love it! From now on I will not let exterminator spray and I will ask for Combat instead.

  86. OMG! I live in a mobile home in Alabama and have lived here for 21 years. I have been fighting with these awful roaches for two years! Never had them before, I don’t know HOW they got here. One egg is all it takes. I have sprayed so much poison I hope it doesn’t do long term health damage! Last year I even got everything out of my house and coated the walls and floors with professional poison and store bought poison sprays of every brand. I’ve tried the borac acid. Along with that I put out a little of the Combat gel but I think the sprays hampered the effectiveness of it. They seemed to retreat but came back when I put all my stuff back in the house. I even got rid of my furniture and bought new stuff and treated it before I put it in the house. I’ve been fighting them like mad for the past few months and cloroxing this place to death. They even survive being sprayed with bleach. Last night I found half a tube of the Combat I had left and just for the heckofit put it out in the kitchen. This morning all the gel lines were gone and I have only seen a fraction of the bugs I had! OVERNIGHT!! I can’t believe it and am going out to get more and see if it will get rid of all of them. I still see them today, hatchlings and bigger ones but not near the numbers. I have no other bugs at all, no spiders or big cockroaches, those die as soon as they enter. Flies and bees that come in through the open door are dead within an hour from all the spray residue. Those german roaches are made of armour or something. Unreal. All through the 21 years I’ve been here, I used those Combat black square things and never had a bug problem. I quit using them a few years ago and now have the problem. I hope they don’t take Combat off the market which is typical when something works! Thank you Combat!! I’m thinking of starting my own pest control biz using only Combat!

  87. We have been living in our trailer for 2 years now and never had a problem with roaches until about 6 months ago i think i found the source of why we got them (through firewood in one of our closest for our fireplace) but it took to long to think about that so now we just have them like crazy and it seems like the spray made them worse if thats even possible or if its just me thinking that, the spray said it kills on source i sprayed them dead on and they was still walking around. My mom keeps on telling me to buy combat but i could never find it anywhere but i finally found some last night i got the gel and the motels i really dont know where i should be laying the gel out at, the roaches are mainly in the kitchen but the past couple days i have been noticing them in more places. So i havent laid the gel out or the motels out yet im going to try them out today my mom said she would come over and help me. I really hope it will works cause im ready to move if it doesnt. My thing is i used some spray about 2 weeks ago and it says on the box it might not work if stuff like that was sprayed. Does anybody know if 2 weeks is to short of a time?

  88. Apply the gel anywhere where the roaches can get it. You’ll be fine.

  89. I am living in a small appartment where the small roaches were living. before i moved to that, I called the Bugs fighter company and they came to spay the whole appatrment before we put our stuffs. After few months I noticed small roaches moving in the kithen, I bought about 4 roaches spary. they gone for about two weeks before I noticed more are moving. month after month I can say that they have beautiful, large nests inside my washer, inside my kitchen drawers and also inside the oven,They even live inside my fridge’s back aghu… I again bought 6 bottles of roach spray. used them and they gone for another two weeks… NOW the problem is getting worse and worse, there are lots of roaches running every where, inside and outside the kitchen…. My husband now is blaiming me as I leave soem food dishes outside the fridge. I tried to keep the kitchen clean all the time, wash the dishes regularly after launch and get rid of the garbage bags on daily basis.
    Nothing works, they are increasing every day, now they are living in my bedroom and restroom also.
    My colleague recommended me to by Combat, he said that he used it 6 years ago in his appartmnt and untill now he cannot see even one roach… I searched for it couldne find it anywhere. I remembered that I saw a TV ad about it I knew how does it work… couple of days ago I googled it and finally found one site wher I can buy Combat through it. Now I am waiting for it to use it and see te result.. I hope it works because my husband started to get bored because of the “”full roached”” appartment we live in..

  90. I am soooo glad I found this site. I just began renting an apartment suburban Maryland. In the kitchen i noticed a couple of dead ‘bodies’ on the the floor, in the cabinets, and several baits stuck under the counters. Swept them up, clean out the cabinets, sprayed some spray, and tried not to freak out. A couple of days later, I came back to the apartment to start moving the boxes in. Long and behold…what do I see…a couple of more dead bodies on the floor. Well great, that means the baits are still effective, but I still don’t want to see them. I never use the dishwasher to actually wash dishes, more like store, so I open it to start storing and quickly closed it after I saw 2 live ones in there. Couldn’t tell you if there were more. I have a fear of spiders, but I think I would chose them over dirty roaches. An exterminator is coming out today. That is the only way I will move my things in. But since I don’t know how effective they will be, thought I’d look for a backup plan. After reading the comments, I am going to Walmart today and applying it after the exterminator lets me return to the unit. I hope it works. I will keep you posted. I have a 7 month old and the thought of us living with roaches stresses me.

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  92. Usted puede intentar ponerse en contacto con este vendedor en

  93. Hi!

    I live in an old mobile home and have never had a problem like I do now! I have those little German roaches. I just can’t deal with them. They started in my kitchen and now have begun to work their way to my bathroom. These are both places where you can find water I know. I have put som egel out and am still seeing them. I have heard GREAT reviews about this product. I have a special needs child and do not want him to have to live like this! :(where else can I put it safely? Does water dilute it if it gets wet? Any advise would be great!

  94. Aloha,

    Great product, Im glad I read this website and went to Walmart and found this Combat gel for about $8.99 which was more than a sufficient amount of gel. Couldn’t wait to get home to try it out, I would find on a daily basis roaches in the kitchen area especially around the sink even with no dishes in it. I squeezed out some of this (poo looking) gel and WALLAH….roaches be gone. Best product yet, I’ve tried recently boric acid and it did absolutely nothing but made my kitchen look powdered down (not a nice site), peeps this stuff really WORKS you’ll be amazed, therefore buy it you won’t regret it…

  95. combat reply:)

  96. Are landlord bought us some last night, after a year of our landlord spraying do it yourself pest control and that never helped, i placed the gel strips all over my kitchen, woke up this morning and checked all the strips, and i could see tiny “dents” in the gel, so i hope that means those german roaches aka nazis are eating their lik hearts out, lol

  97. Are landlord bought us some last night, after a year of our landlord spraying do it yourself pest control and that never helped, i placed the gel strips all over my kitchen, woke up this morning and checked all the strips, and i could see tiny “dents” in the gel, so i hope that means those german roaches aka nazis are eating their lil hearts out, lol

  98. Our landlord bought us some last night, after a year of our landlord spraying do it yourself pest control and that never helped, i placed the gel strips all over my kitchen, woke up this morning and checked all the strips, and i could see tiny “dents” in the gel, so i hope that means those german roaches aka nazis are eating their lil hearts out, lol

  99. If you use this you WILL NOT SEE ROACHES. It is the ONLY thing that is 100% effective. I’ve tried everything else. 🙂

  100. I have yet to try it but thank you for all the great comments. I am so tired of keeping an eye out for anything that moves. Ugh! My question is, will this work on bedbugs? I don’t have them but they do exist in my building so I want to be proactive. Either way, I am buying this tomorrow

  101. Thanks for the info! Have you used the gel with pets in the home? We just got a new puppy last week and i’m afraid she would eat the gel and get sick! Any thoughts on how to apply the gel but keep small pets from licking it up?

  102. I have not used the gel with pets in our home. Combat has a page addressing pet issues

  103. We have, evidently a minor infestation. Less than a handful of droppings here and there. We would empty drawers and would find a handful of droppings in one or two the next day.

    Our pest control guy said it was minor, and sprayed, but the spray affected me and we didn’t want a repeat. I ordered Combat Gel from Amazon. Husband put some out. The next day, near the Combat, was a dead roach. That’s 3 killed (2 were killed by husband) and 2 others that were found dead. We will use the drawers to monitor–if there’s droppings, they’re still here.

    Either way, husband will put out Combat Gel from now on.

  104. Once you notice there are no more roaches, do you need to continue use and if so how after or only use it when you actually have an active issue?

  105. Hi Brina Sal, I had an infestation once, water based spray and gel bait(different from this) did the job. As to your question, we do not apply it continuously. Maybe just use it when you see the sign of infestation again.

  106. Hi Brina Sal, I had an infestation once, water based spray and gel bait(different from this) did the job. As to your question, we do not apply it continuously. Maybe just use it when you see the sign of infestation again.

  107. Hi just want to know that when can we reuse the kitchen for cooking if hit anti roach gel is applied?

  108. Hello,
    Who manufactures this gel / syringe, please ?

  109. Cockroaches have really been every household’s problem. And it is disgusting and annoying, so maybe I’d give this a product a try. Thanks for sharing!

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