Finally, Innovation in a Video Player

Last night launched a new video player with some unique features. The video of the player in action can be seen below.

Some of the new things are…

  • Clicking on the bottom right corner allows you to resize the player as a video is playing.
  • You can also elect to center the player in the middle of your browser, make it full-screen, or bring it back to normal size while a video is playing.
  • Clicking on the picture and dragging it right or left while the mouse is still pressed down grabs the video and fast-forwards or rewinds it. (Very cool!)
  • Controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, and smoothing can bump up and overlay the player.
  • Slo-motion
  • Keyboard shortcuts — A for fullscreen, S for slow-mo, V for preferences, up and down for volume, right and left for fast-forward and rewind.
  • If selected, a guide overlays the entire screen with more from this user, top-rated, most-viewed, and related video scrolling through.

Of course to play with the new features you will have to view a video on’s pages not an embedded version like above.

(via NewTeeVee)

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