Firefox Wants To Fight The Boredom

Firefox has a noble goal of changing the world, one web surfer at a time. Makers of the popular open source web browser, responsible for giving the dominant Internet Explorer a swift kick in the butt, are at it again with a new viral marketing effort. The video below features a plethora of Internet stars singing a song to Fight The Boredom. They’re mocking those over-dramatic public service infomercials asking for money to stop world hunger, adopt a child, or save the birds. The video is fairly amusing and there was a website to go along with it at which now redirects to the Firefox download page.

The facts that scroll against the bottom are as follows:

Compared to Internet Explorer users, Firefox users are

  • 21% less likely to be a sales representative or agent at their current place of business.
  • 45% more likely to have gone on vacation in San Francisco within the last 2 years.
  • 33% less likely to live with others suffering from high cholesterol.
  • 6% less likely to have eaten any meal at Chick-fil-A within the last 7 days.
  • 24% less likely to live with others suffering from heart disease.
  • 66% more likely to have viewed or listened to audio or video about politics or public affairs news within the last 30 day.
  • 89% more likely to have purchased database software for work in the last year.
  • 38% less likely to live with others suffering from breast cancer.

Was that Tay Zonday of Chocolate Rain fame?

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