For Those that Don’t Understand Twitter

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Twitter is a site that consists of people sharing their thoughts in 160 characters or less over a wide variety of mediums. So what is the appeal of reading a bunch of short, random thoughts? Wired’s Clive Thompson describes it best as a 6th sense:

Individually, most Twitter messages are stupefyingly trivial. But the true value of Twitter — and the similarly mundane Dodgeball, a tool for reporting your real-time location to friends — is cumulative…

…It’s practically collectivist — you’re creating a shared understanding larger than yourself.

By following the short messages of my friends I can tell what they are up to without even asking. That way when we meet up in the physical world I know what they’ve been up to and I have something to start the conversation off with.

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If you are still confused you will just have to try it out to get it. You can follow me at

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  1. Well, it’s microblogging. Same idea. When I meet people “in the flesh” but I’ve read their blog, we have something to talk about. I know where they are coming from, or at least one facet of their direction.

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