List Of Dummy Image Generators

Ordered by when the domain name was registered.

  1. (2007-07-20)
  2. (2010-01-26)
  3. (2010-02-03)
  4. (2010-02-04)
  5. (2010-02-04)
  6. (2010-11-22)
  7. (2011-01-14)
  8. (2011-03-01)
  9. (2011-03-05)
  10. (2011-03-07)
  11. (2011-03-23)
  12. (2011-04-11)

Other Dummy Image Generators that I couldn’t figure out when they were created

I’m glad inspired others to build a placeholder image service and expand upon my original idea. You can download my source code and do whatever you want with it.

Thanks to Web Resource Depot for the round-up where I first heard about many of these sites.

8 Responses to “ List Of Dummy Image Generators ”

  1. Lol, this is funny.

  2. Interesting that you never explain how it works, or what it is.

  3. An image placeholder is a dummy image designed to draw attention to the need for an actual image. Changes to the software since then have also made the system less effective, and for both of these reasons it is not currently maintained. Many such images still remain active on articles, and this page is preserved as an explanation of them. Thanks.

  4. seems to be down. I’ve used it for ages. 🙁

    Is my personal favorite

  6. I use – the lil’ image placeholder service – it’s easy to remember 🙂

  7. […] a fan of hipsters means you have to support the original. Dummy Image was the first site of it’s kind and we dig that. We are happy to have Dummy Image as part of our Web Developer Ad […]

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