Packed Metro Platform


On my way home from work where I come to find a horde of angry commuters waiting for the red line train at Metro Center. Aparently there is a system wide signaling problem. Argh! Atleast I have a bunch of podcasts to listen to while I wait.
It gets better. The first train was way too packed for me to get on. The second train was only going to Silver Spring which doesn’t help me who is trying to get to the end of the line in Glenmont. I got on the third train and after 10 minutes of repeatedly opening and closing the doors, the train was put out of service and everyone had to unload. The forth train was another Silver Spring train. I finally made it onto the fifth train after arriving at Metro Center.

4 Responses to “ Packed Metro Platform ”

  1. dude, you gotta get on that silver spring train anyways, cuz sometimes it changes to glenmont.

  2. That’s a balls to the wall strategy. Too risky for me.

  3. Did you see all the AWESOME SPY MUSEUM ads on the Metro??

  4. I see them all the time.

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