Problems In Comcast Internet Land

For the past couple of weeks my Internet connection at home has been flakey and irratic. Sites would take multiple refreshes to fully load and there is a good amount of packet loss. Unfortunately this has been on and off making it very hard to troubleshoot exactly what is going on.

I called technical support and the lady on the phone said everything seemed fine on her end. Then she tried to ping my IP address and noticed an 80% packet loss proving there was something going on between my cable modem and Comcast. She put in an order for a tech to come out and replace my rented cable modem.

The tech came and said “Nothin’ is wrong with the modem. It’s something outside which should be fixed in 48-72 hours.” Low and behold 72 hours later nothing has really changed. The connection seems a little better but it is still unusable if I want to get anything done. Apparently I’m not the only person noticing this.

Over at someone posted a topic titled “[Connectivity]Constant Downtim | East Coast | Maryland Area” and included a graph of his packet loss using a line monitoring tool.

Comcast Line Monitoring Results
Blue = Bad!

Looks like until this gets resolved, I won’t be updating my blog as much.

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