Recreating D-Day Scene With 4 People And A Camera

Saving Private Ryan is a popular flick with a memorable scene depicting the invasion of Normandy, France. Here it is to jog your memory.

In 1998, when this film was released, the average filmmaker didn’t have the technology available to them to produce a scene at this scale. But as technology has trickled down to the masses, more and more ideas become reasonable to execute. With the state of compositing and CG graphics where they are today there is really no limit with what can be done yet still believable to the average eye.

Take these four guys who managed to recreate a D-Day invasion over a weekend with one camera and off the shelf desktop tools. They documented the whole process so you can see how everything came together. While their mini-scene is not as extensive as the big Hollywood film, the fact that they could even pull this off with such a micro crew is awe-inspiring.

(via HD For Indies)

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  1. This is very cool, thanks for finding this and sharing. SPR was an amazing movie and all the more amazing considering the lack of SFX. Makes the talent of the actors and director really show.

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