Suffed Monkey And Girlfriend


Just some little trinkets I keep on my desk at home. The pictures are high school yearbook photos and the stuffed monkey actually has a wallet-sized photo holder (though you can’t see it).
What do you keep on your desk?

4 Responses to “ Suffed Monkey And Girlfriend ”

  1. slow day in the blog world that THIS is what you blog about?!?! anyways … i didnt give you permission to post photos of me…j/k… anyways you should take photos of the stuff on your desk at work!! Those are interesting stuff, your monster, nuns calender, skateboard…

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  3. Sorry for the previous post, it was meant for your other blog posting, but my super minimized window makes me miss important things when scrolling. Damned commie bosses who don’t want me surfing online! 😀

  4. i keep beer bottles on my desk

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