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Mojitos And A Movie


It started storming here at Bethany Beach. Lighting would light up the sky like it was day time and the rain was coming down hard. At first I thought the thunder was fireworks over the nearby beach. Since we didn’t have any firework plans Kristina and I and our friend Katie made Mojitos and rented “Be Kind Rewind” starring Jack Black and Mos Def.

Old Signs And Weird Sculptures



Kristina and I stopped into a store on Central Avenue in Bethany that sold vintage signs and other weird stuff. The sculpture of the monkey holding it’s nose is a toilet paper holder and costs $120.

All You Can Eat At The Crab Bag



A group of friends and I made our way to the Crab Bag on 130th street in Ocean City. Most everyone got the all-you-can-eat crabs, corn, hush puppies, and fries for $24.99. I don’t eat seafod so I got a cheeseburger and a diet coke.

Made It To The Beach



It’s our first day in Ocean City and we made our way to the beach at 139th street. It’s not that crowded on this Tuesday morning and there is a refreshing breeze in the air.