The New RED Cameras Are Ridiculous

Today RED camera announced the follow ups to it’s industry-changing RED One camera. As expected the Scarlet and Epic offer higher super high-definition resolutions. What wasn’t expected was the fact that the cameras are completely modular allowing for 2,251,799,813,685,248 possible configurations according to the company.

Configure Your RED Epic or RED Scarlet Camera

But what might be more impressive number is the CPU/hard-drive devastating 28K resolution of the Epic sensor. That’s right, the images off of this sensor will be 28,000 pixels wide by 9,334 pixels high… at up to 25 frames per second. For the non high definition geek this means a camera with this sensor will be able to shoot video that is 8 times bigger than the 30″ Apple Cinema display you see all over Apple Stores in your local high-end mall. You know all of those fancy flat-panel TVs you see in electronics stores? They max out at 1920×1080 video. IMAX is about 10,000 pixels wide by 7,000 pixels tall. If you need a visual, Stu Maschwitz put together what the 28K sensor would look like (in gray) compared to a full HD frame size (in red). A single 28K image takes up about 768 MB of space. Holy Crap!

RED Epic and RED Scarlet Cameras

Ironically, the announcement was made with a 1020 x 18,320 JPEG image posted to the RED User forums. This did make it easy to grab these images which I used in this post though.

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  2. i want to buy it.what can i do?
    can you help me?i am from iran

  3. Sorry. You’ll probably have to buy it directly form RED

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