The Question Mark Guy In The Wild

My girlfriend was driving down the highway when she spotted a bright car with question marks all over it. As she passed by she whipped out her cell phone and snapped this photo.

Question Mark Guy in his car

For those unfamiliar it is Matthew Lesko, the question mark guy who is seen in TV commercials yelling about free money programs from the government. Check the YouTube clip below.

2 Responses to “ The Question Mark Guy In The Wild ”

  1. I hate to admit it but i took this while driving on 95N in the far left lane …. yeah but i know how to get to my camera with out looking . I was soo shocked to look over and see it was that guy who runs around DC in the question mark suit. So i had to slow down in order to keep in line with him for just a few seconds. When Russell posted it …and now that it is kind of blown-up i just noticed he was looking at me!! WEIRD … thanks for posting this Russell it makes me happy!!

  2. hah thats great.

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