Your Own Personal Butler in an Alarm Clock

VOCO clock
The VOCO clock ditches the loud, jarring buzzer usually associated with waking up in the morning and instead uses the voice of Stephen Fry. Who is Stephen Fry? Beats me, but he sounds just like the ideal butler. Come to think of it, the reassuring voice of a butler might just put me back to sleep in the morning. But there is something about the sound of a British butler to make you consider plucking down £29.95 just to hear him every morning.

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  1. Who is Stephen Fry? For shame! You probably know him best from his role in V for Vendetta, but he is otherwise known as Hugh Laurie’s insanely awesome former collaborator, actor, filmmaker, etc. He is basically awesome.

  2. Hey,

    Does anyone know where I can purchase on of these? Would love to give my husband one for christmas

    Best regars

  3. I can’t find any for sale either. You might try contacting some of the reviewers on Amazon to see if they are bored with their clocks and to sell it to you.

    Also according to this thread there are some of the MP3s available from the alarm clock that you could probably load into an MP3 alarm clock like one of these

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