211.8: Bad day on the bike

Today was not my day for riding the exercise bike. For some reason I couldn’t keep going once I started. Usually I go for 10 minutes, take a 1 minute break to walk around and get a small glass of water, and then hop back on for another 5 minutes. But today I just couldn’t do that. I must have taken 4-mini breaks as my thighs would start to throb. By the end of my 20 alloted minutes I was dripping sweat and ready for a shower. My legs were burning so I guess it wasn’t a complete loss. Maybe tomorrow I will try and get some Wii Sports in.

One Response to “ 211.8: Bad day on the bike ”

  1. Try a banana. Seriously. You sound like you need some potassium–which helps keep your muscles operating at peak efficiency. Best way to get it–a banana.

    A for effort–keep up the good work and you’ll feel fitter in about a month or so.


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