BarCamp DC Coming In 5 Days

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What is BarCamp?
BarCamp DC is an ad-hoc unconference and is part of the larger BarCamp movement. While there are topics suggested for discussion, there is no set agenda until everyone gathers. Attendees are required to participate to some degree: either by giving a presentation, demo, etc. or by facilitating a group discussion. Topics are flexible, as well.

When is BarCamp?
The first DC area BarCamp will be on Saturday, August 11th, starting at 9:30am and ending whenever people get sick of being there. There is an opening party on Friday, August 10th, at 8pm.

Where is BarCamp?
Fleishman Hillard Inc.
1615 L St NW, 20036
Recommended Metro Stops: Farragut North (red), Farragut West (blue/orange), McPherson Square (blue/orange)
Buses: S1, S2, S4, Circulator, 80, D1, D3, D5, D6, L2, 38B, N2, N4, N6, 42, 52, 53, 54, 30, 32, 34, 35, 36

What can I learn at Barcamp?
You can learn about the following from your peers:

  • WCAG 2.0 Will Make Your Life Easier by JustinThorp
  • Microformats as APIs by JasonGarber
  • Open Rails Session by Bill Kocik
  • The Live-Coding Intro to Rails by KevinLawver
  • Rails Scaling and Performance by KevinLawver
  • Community Building in Drupal by Michael Haggerty
  • CRM Systems Integration in Drupal by Michael Haggerty
  • Blog design by Jesse Thomas
  • Ethics and Word of Mouth Marketing in the 2.0 World by Holly Samee
  • Irregular intervals: grid systems fifty years on by David Ramos
  • Open Democracy by Matt Bradley, Jeremy Carbaugh (Sunlight Foundation)
  • Using Firebug: Web Development Inside the Browser by Russell Heimlich
  • Trace-Driven Design: How an Architecture Practice Makes Web Application Design Better by John Athayde
  • Widget distribution and analytics by Will Meyer
  • Ruby: A Crash Course (“Hello World” to Metaprogramming) by Nikolas Coukouma
  • Fantastic Web Typography For Everyone by Nathan Herald
  • DOM Scripting (how can I be amazing, fast?) with the new Dojo by Matt Bowen
  • Accessible Forms by John F Croston III
  • User Experience Design: a discussion on why the hell designers do what they do by Samantha Warren
  • Alternative Web App Structures by Brock Wilcox
  • Failing the Joel Test by Matt Lester
  • Developing on the Facebook Platform by Zvi Band
  • Let’s design a dream set-top box for Miro by Ross Karchner
  • Stump the Chump: CSS Edition (bring real-world CSS problems / screenshots of troublesome layouts / etc. and we’ll solve them {or die trying}) by Charlie Park
  • Web Application Security (and why it matters to YOU!) by Doug Wilson and Mark Bristow

That’s right, you can look forward to a presentation by yours truly about Firebug.

Is there more information?

Now for the rest of this week I need to prepare for my little presentation. I will be blogging from the event but if you happen to be there feel free to drop by and say hi.


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  1. Seriously?! I’ll be in the area on Saturday. I doubt I’ll be able to go, but dang that would rock.

  2. Hey I’ve been to fleishman hillard on a studio tour awhile ago

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