DC Snowpocalypse Bury Meter

Everyone in the DC area is making a ruckus about the impending snowstorm of doom! Throughout the weekend I will measure how much snow has fallen here in Glenmont, MD, and track it via this silly picture of me.

The National Weather Service is calling for 20 – 30 inches of the white stuff so if we get 30″, then my entire photo will be completely white.

Saturday, 1:45am – 28 inches: While everyone is asleep, I’m out trudging around in snow. Ok, I’m sure this measurement is due to drifting but it’s consistent in both places that I have been measuring all day (a bush near my building and on the hood of my Rav-4). The Weather Channel just reported Columbia, MD, officially has 13.9″ of fallen snow. I’ll keep updating my image which will easily go out of the frame tomorrow.

The snow is coming up to my knee in low areas and my mid thigh in the deep spots. It keeps coming down at a strong, relentless pace. I like how dead-silent it is outside.

Friday, 11:30pm – 9 inches
Friday, 7:45pm – 3.75 inches
Friday, 3:30pm – 2 inches

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  1. Pretty sweet, Russell!

  2. Neato

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