I Survived The 2009 Silver Spring Zombie Walk

Silver Spring Zombie Walk Poster

The 2nd annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk took place last night. Hundreds of people got dressed up in ghastly zombie outfits and proceeded to lurch from the Quary House Tavern to the AFI Theater for the 10pm showing of Shaun of the Dead. I ventured out among the crowd purely for the photo opportunities though I did wear my zombie shirt from Threadless underneath of my jacket to keep with the theme.

Throngs of zombies taking to the streets of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Traffic came to a stand still as the large group maneuvered through downtown Silver Spring. I’m sure most motorist didn’t mind gazing at the group of walking undead.

Zombie in search of brains and supporting death panels.

There were no two zombies alike and a wide range of ages. The participants would lunge at onlookers and bang against store windows all while moaning “Brraaaaaains!”

Bloody zombie giving me the evil eye.

Zombies carry outfitted-coordinated accessories.

Some of the costumes that stuck out at me (but I failed to get a photo of, luckily others did) were an Abraham Lincoln zombie, a Where’s Waldo zombie, and an MC zombie.

Zombie hanging from a tree.

Once everyone got to the theater, tickets for the 10pm showing were long gone. Lucky for them there was an 11:45 showing. I didn’t come for the movie so I didn’t mind. I got some good pictures under the bright lights of the AFI Theater.

Shaun of the Dead playing at the AFI Theater after the 2009 Silver Spring Zombie Walk

More of my photos can be found on

Of course there were copious numbers of cameras covering the festivities from every angle and medium. Below are links to other media coverage.

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  1. tha older zombie in red (middleish picture) is a Zom-Bea Arthur (in Dorothy guise), with a zombie Sophia behind her (from Golden Girls)

  2. Ha that’s awesome. My fiance and I couldn’t tell if she was older or if that was just a costume. That outfit was my fiance’s favorite.

  3. Ha ha really even i didn’t notice at the first time…good observation..interesting post.

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  5. It’s not a fad, it’s a syndrome — Zombie Behavior Spectrum Disorder, ZBSD



  6. Hi,

    Is there any chance of getting the contact information for the artist that designed the poster?

    Thank you

  7. This should point you in the right direction -> http://www.silverspringsingula.....ganda.html

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