Casio Brings Super Slo-mo Video To Prosumers

Casio’s EX-F1 Does Super Slow Motion Video
Engadget is reporting on a digital camera with super slow motion capabilities from Casio. The EX-F1, which was announced at the annual Consumer Electronics Show today, is a typical 6 megapixel still camera but with some serious frame-burst technology. The video modes on the camera offer three settings for slow motion: 300 frames per second (fps) at 512 × 384 resolution, 600fps at 432 × 192, and 1200fps at 336 × 96. To put things into perspective, 1200fps is about 40 times more frames than real time which is 30 fps. The more frames that need to be played back the longer the clip duration will be resulting in slow motion. It’s a drag the frame size drops to a web video size for the slowest of slow motion, but at least it is there. Before this camera, the closest thing to getting slow motion footage of this caliber would require an investment of at least 5 figures. Now this specialized camera can be yours for just over 3 digits at $1,000!

Not to say that the video is only good for slow motion, the Casio EX-F1 can also shoot 1080i HD video as well as 60 fps at the full 6 megapixel resolution in still mode. First hand reports claim this thing sounds like a machine gun when you release the shutter like who said “The shutter release sounds more like a machine gun or a whirring fan than a camera shutter.”

Engadget posted some sample video from the press conference:

This camera has some power to drool over, especially for those specifically interested in slow motion video. I always wanted to explore slow motion video but I never had access to any cameras that could do it. I am always weary about camera that try to do both video and still photos in the same device because they usually end up suffering in both areas. But each year we keep seeing the two mediums come closer together with acceptable results. If I were in highschool right now I would be saving up to get a camera like this especially with social networking and YouTube being so big. I wish I had all of this stuff when I was a kid when I had the time to play around with it.

You can see the full specs of this beast over at but oyu won’t be able to get your grubby little hands on one until March.

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