Does The IMG Tag Need A Fullsize Attribute?

Drew Wilson is proposing the HTML IMG tag get a new attribute called fullsize. The fullsize attribute would reference “a larger (or fullsize) version of the SRC image. Browsers could then include native support to display the fullsize image in a [modal] pop-up.” according to, Wilson’s site dedicated to the effort. Mr. Wilson has even gone to the trouble of creating a jQuery plug-in that simulates how the behavior would work. He hopes the Internet will make enough buzz about it to get the attention of the W3C in order to get the fullsize attribute included in the official HTML spec. As of this writing, the petition to add a fullsize attribute has 185 “signatures”. I am not one of them.

Drew Wilson is proposing the W3C add a new attribute to the IMG tag called fullsize.

I’m not against the idea of including a reference to a larger version of an image right inside the tag. HTML is all about structuring and describing content, and the fullsize attribute is just another piece of meta-data. My biggest problem is this is already possible today by wrapping a link pointing to the fullsize image around the original image. Is it sexy? No. But it is still flexible. It can be customized and jazzed up with JavaScript and CSS but for devices that don’t support those technologies, a link around an image would still be accessible.

What I’m weary wary about is letting the browser manufacturers determine the default pop-up behavior and then relying on them for easier customization options. Take drop down input elements for example. Getting these to look consistent across all of the different browsers and operating systems in the world today is impossible. Roger Johansson went through the effort and documented them on his blog Any saved time from browsers handling a pop-up would be wasted trying to work around the different limitations for each browser.

To summarize:

  • I’m all for a fullsize attribute for meta-data purposes
  • Browsers handling the pop-up functionality will do more harm than good

5 Responses to “ Does The IMG Tag Need A Fullsize Attribute? ”

  1. “What I’m weary about…” — Are you really tired?
    Or did you mean “what I’m leery of…”?

  2. I actually meant wary though I was in a weary state when writing this last night.

  3. Good post. Reminds me of James’ Mazelife post about using decades-old languages to solve today’s problems and to design today’s sites.

  4. Yea I was trying to work on a reference to “Better Tools Please” but I just couldn’t fit it in.

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