Help A School Library, Donate Books NOW!

My good friend just became a Library Media Specialist at a DC public school this year.  She is in the midst of transforming an old, neglected library full of antiquated books into a resource the students would actually use. But to do that, they need updated books. Here is her take on the situation (emphasis mine):

The majority of the books are from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Much of the information in these books use outdated terminology and often have negative stereotypes of women, African Americans, and hispanics. This is particularly bad since our student population is 75% African American and 25% hispanic. In addition, most of the library collection is above an 8th grade reading level. Last year only 8% of our school scored proficient for reading. Getting books at these students’ reading level is imperative in helping the students improve their reading comprehension in years to come.

So how can you help out?

  • Make a cash donation (Be sure to type Book Drive in the Donation Designation)
  • Buy books from their Amazon wishlist and have them shipped directly to MacFarland Middle School
  • Donate used books that meet the following criteria:
  • Share this link with your friends and family. Help spread the word!

All donations are fully tax deductible. You can read the official MacFarland Middle School Book Drive Letter for more information. I’ve already bought all of the Captain Underpants books from their wishlist and you should pick a few books out that you really like to help the children at MacFarland Middle School.

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  1. Thanks Russell! Also, feel free to pick books that are not on the wishlist. I have a lot more books that I would like to add, but I don’t always get the chance to add them to the wishlist.

  2. Greetings

    Our institute is non profit making looking after orphans in rural western part of Uganda. Due to our status, we are unable to purchase all education materials needed at the school and we are therefore looking for organizations which can donate books usable in our syllabus. We mostly need used or new books listed below;

    Nelsonthornes Publishers Uk
    300 Copies

    Nelsonthornes Publishers Uk
    300 Copies
    3) Oxford dictionaries latest edition

    Sr. Anna Mukoda

  3. Hi World
    Our school is not Financially administered by local, state or national governments;
    thus, we are funded in whole or in part by
    charging our students tuition, endowment, donation and individuals help.

    our school deserve Educational charties,donors,school fundraisers and organizations inorder to build a Library.

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