How Much HTML And CSS Do You Know?

There is nothing web geeks love more than strutting their thorough knowledge of the subject. Knowing every single HTML 4 element by heart or to have each and every CSS property on the tip of your tongue doesn’t really help you in every day web development; understanding and realizing when to use each is more important.

HTML Source code

But all of that goes out the window when it comes to quizzes like How Many HTML Elements Can You Name in 5 Minutes? or How Many CSS Properties Can You Name in 7 Minutes?

Out of the 91 W3C approved HTML 4 elements I identified 44, or 48%, in 5 minutes.

With CSS properties I did a little worse. getting 42 out of a possible 122 in 7 minutes, or 34%. I won’t disclose the simple ones I missed to give you a fair test when you take it. Most of them no one uses anyways!

How many did you get?

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  1. html sablonu hani?

  2. i enjoy using it in webdigning

  3. i hate HTML, we are doin it at school

  4. Hang in there… it gets better.

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