International Drug Maker Arrested At My Local Mall

Drug Bust Money

See all this money? It’s $207 million in cash and was hidden in the walls of a luxurious, Mexico City home belonging to Zhenli Ye Gon. Gon ran a pharmaceuticals company that allegedly was a front to provide Mexican drug cartels with lots of chemicals to make methamphetamine. His house was busted in March but Gon had fled.

This past Monday, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agents apprehended Zhenli at the mall just down the street from my apartment.

At P.J. Rice Bistro, where he and a female acquaintance ordered codfish and baby carrots, DEA agents showed up before dinner was served. “The police came to the table and asked him to go pretty fast,” a bistro employee recalled yesterday. “They didn’t stay in the restaurant too long.”

Apparently Wheaton, Maryland, is a great place to lay low. It is a fairly diverse place. Check out the map.

My Apartment to Wheaton Mall

(via WashingtonPost)

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