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My Stats From 2011

As we roll into another year I thought it would be a good time to look back on various stats I have collected over the past year. Hopefully I will continue to do this at the beginning of every year as a way to document how things progress over time.

  • I blogged here 9 times for a total of 3,208 words.

  • My blog was visited by 147,151 unique visitors generating 213,800 pageviews. Not bad considering I hardly update it anymore.
  • I scanned 454 receipts and spent at least $346.96 in sales tax.
  • Kristina and I fully funded our IRAs (including starting and fully funding her 2010 IRA at the beginning of 2011). We also contributed to our 401K’s at work and managed to put away some money for a down payment on a house.
  • We visited Paris and London this year.
  • I managed to give 5 presentations (slides) to various DC Tech groups.
  • Attended 7 conferences:
    1. UX Camp DC (1/8/2011)
    2. StartupXLR8R II (6/4 – 6/5/2011)
    3. Converge SE (6/24 – 6/25/2011)
    4. Mobile UX Camp DC (9/17/2011)
    5. Accessibility Camp DC (10/22/2011)
    6. An Event Apart DC (10/24 – 10/26/2011)
    7. WordCamp Philly (11/5 – 11/6/2011)
  • I took 5,589 pictures, 728 of those were star-worthy in Picasa.
  • I posted 111 mobile photos from my phone.
  • 8.61 gigabytes of data used by my Nexus One on T-Mobile.

  • My average weight in 2011 was 194.3. My lowest weight was 192.1 (6/8/2011) and my highest was 202.4 (1/1/2011), so I ended the year lower than when I started.

  • I spent 262 hours and 7 minutes in Dreamweaver writing code.
  • 159 hours and 28 minutes reading tweets, 15 hours and 24 minutes viewing Facebook, 6 hours and 4 minutes viewing Google+, and 5 minutes and 17 seconds viewing MySpace.
  • 124 hours and 53 minutes was lost to email: 83 hours and 37 minutes in Outlook for work, 58 hours and 52 minutes in Gmail.
  • 34 hours and 3 minutes searching Google.

Tools used to gather this data:

Here’s to a number-filled 2012!

The King Of Multitasking While Driving

Driving is a piece of cake for this guy. Just take a look at all of the things he can get done while traveling 60 miles per hour on the highway.

(via word theory)

Cell Phone Lady Time Travels To Charlie Chaplin Film

Freaky stuff. Or maybe it was just a 1920’s hearing aid?

Tinman Threadless Vs. Tinman Shirt.Woot!

I’m a fan of funny t-shirts which is why I obsessivly follow and . Just a few moments ago, Threadless announced their new shirts for this week and the one titled I [X] Tinman (1st picture) is similar to 404 Heart Not Found (2nd picture) on from 2008. I already own the 404 Heart Not Found shirt, now I just need to buy the Threadless one!

Google’s Self-Driving Car Is For Real-Life Crawling

Google revealed a secret project it was working on to make cars that can drive themselves without any human intervention. These aren’t just experiments in a controlled environment either. The cars have “driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control” on real highways, streets, intersections, and even Lombard street in San Fransisco.

The media has picked up on the theme that Google is doing it to improve society with the goal of reducing automobile fatalities and freeing up time spent commuting. These would be very positive things to come from this research but could take several years to come to fruition. I have a feeling Google is doing this for its own reasons.

The Google search engine has web crawlers that follow every link it can find, slurping down the HTML which Google can analyze to determine where that page ranks in its index. These autonomous cars can be the start to real-life crawlers.

Google Street View started when a bunch of cameras were strapped to a car continuously taking photos as it drove through an area. The photos that appear online are several months old at the earliest. If it could make gathering these photos more efficient, it could update the images faster, making Street View more relevant.

Imagine if Google could send out these automated cars to collect data in the physical world that Google could use in it’s local search product. Some of the more practical applications include updating maps when roads are closed, continuously updating stores in Street View that might have changed ownership, or even determining the popularity of a place based on the number of people seen around it at various times of day.

Google wants to start ranking real-life data in conjunction with online data. This is a clear step in that direction. And it should be no surprise that the self driving car project was led by Sebastian Thrun, co-inventor of the Street View mapping product.

Where Good Ideas Come From

(via The Attention Management Blog)

Custom Clothing Makes A Comeback

CrunchGear recently opened my eyes to, a site that lets anyone customize a dress shirt to their exact specifications. The minutia of details that one can pick and choose from is dizzying including the type of fabric; the design of the collar, cuffs, yoke, back, bottom, and pocket; type of buttons, button holes, collar stays, or a monogram; and, of course, the size of the shirt. Coming in at $75 per custom shirt at least, is too rich for my blood. Besides, I’m not that great of a shirt designer.

But the site took me back to the days of the dotcom boom where I would spend hours on The company was started by four Adidas executives in 2000 with the aim of letting anyone create a completely customized shoe. You could pick from a bunch of different styles, choose the colors of various pieces, have your name stitched on the back, pick the laces, and even add a logo from their huge library. I remember making a whole virtual closet full of shoe designs that I had no intention of actually purchasing. I guess that’s why they’re no longer around. Though I did get a friend a gift certificate to the site for her birthday and she did design and order her own custom-made shoes.

On the brighter side, it looks like Customatix inspired the wave of hideous MySpace profiles later in the decade.

Ultimate List Of Mega Man Songs

The Mega Man series of video games has a distinctive soundtrack. The music from the games is so influential that a bunch of cover bands have incorporated the melodies into their own versions of the popular songs.

Mega Man 1 -10 soundtracks – This is the full collection featuring music from Mega Man 1 for the original NES all the way through the recently released Mega Man 10. It weighs in at 684 MB and you will need 7 Zip for the PC or keka for OS X. The password for the archive is reddit.

8-Bit Instrumental is a video game-focused instrumental band from Brazil popular for their covers of Contra, Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter II, Altered Beast and others. They have an entire album dedicated to Mega Man 2 songs available for free on their website. The release was so popular that a hacked version of Mega Man 2 was released replacing the original soundtrack with the cover songs by 8-Bit Instrumental.

Project X has a 14-track album based on Mega Man 2 available for download in one 33 MB zip file. The Boston-based band produces guitar/electronica music.

Overclocked Remix has several remixes (mostly techno) based on Mega Man songs. The songs can be streamed via YouTube or downloaded for free.

Game Over, a Swedish Nintendo metal band, has three songs based on Mega Man. They’re kind of catchy.

Finally, breaks down the top 25 Mega Man songs. It is a pretty thorough list that I mostly agree with except I think the Bubble Man theme song should be number one, not number two.

So there you have it, the ultimate list of Mega Man songs for any video game aficionado. After all, the best thing to do when you’re not playing video games, is to rock out to their soundtracks until you can.

A List Of Weird Song-Site Memes has been making the rounds around Twitter the past couple days. The site shows a Russian man singing a cheery song in what I assume to be Russian. How could you not listen to it over and over? Justin Erik Halldór Smith has a good write-up about the background of this video on his blog if you want to read all about its history.

Seeing this site reminded me of a few other wacky-song memes that made their way across the Internet. If you like, you’ll like these similiar sites. All of them are songs and most of them loop infinitely. Enjoy! &

All of these sites descend from which first launched in September, 2003.

A Black Tie For Web Geeks

Kristina got me some ties from for Valentines Day. My favorite one is this black tie for web nerds which reads #000000. For those not in the know, #000000 is the hexadecimal representation of the color black familiar to any web designer.

The octopus sucker tie is pretty rad too!