Aggregates All Of My Web Activity

I finally finished this weekend. The purpose of the site is to aggregate all of my activity on the web into one single stream, commonly referred to as a lifestream. To mash all of my RSS feeds of activity together I used SimpleLife, a WordPress adaption of the SimplePie PHP script. For the front end I used jQuery, a JavaScript library, as well as standard HTML and CSS.

Screenshot of

Most lifestreams I saw didn’t include a way to for end users to filter out certain items, so I built one into my lifestream application. Using the power of CSS selectors built in to jQuery, I wrote a function to grab the list items with a certain class and then toggle a fade effect. If the item was hidden the script would fade them in, otherwise it would fade them out. You can see the 13 lines of code I wrote to do this for yourself.

Once I finished writing the filter code I noticed it didn’t work in Safari browsers even though it performed flawlessly in Firefox. After debugging and digging around on the net for possible solutions I stumbled upon the Safari Developer FAQ. Did you know you can unlock a debugging menu in Safari? The FAQ provides details on how to reveal it and then by holding Apple+Shift+J shows a JavaScript console alerting you to any errors. I used this to figure out that you can’t use ‘class’ as a variable name even though Firefox doesn’t seem to mind. I haven’t tested the site on any version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which is notorious for choking on standard code.

So if you ever wanted to see everything I do on the web, checkout And if you want to add me as a friend on any of these popular sites, click the small icons associated with each item to take you directly to my profile for that site. The next step would be to package my modifications up into a WordPress plugin so anyone could run a lifestream just like mine. In the meantime if you have any problems implementing a lifestream on your own, leave a question in the comments of this post and I’ll do the best I can to help out. Happy lifestreaming!

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