Name That Color

Name That Color

Every color has a name but up until now it has been quite a task to separate the Periwinkles from the Mischkas from the Thistle Green. Name That Color lets you select the a color via RGB value, HEX number, or a simple color picker. From there, the handy little web app will let you know the appropriate name for that certain hue. Feeling a bit lazy? Then use the drop down menu to sort through the zillions of names and find ones like Rangitoto, Wattle, or Hot Toddy. Seriously those are all valid color names.

Apparently this guy has been spending way too much time over at COLOURlovers.

(via DownloadSquad)

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  1. Sweeet, now I have something to do at work today that might look like real work! 🙂

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