New Super Telephoto Lenses From Canon

Canon announced two new super telephoto lenses for their EOS DSLR line today. The first is a 200mm f/2L prime (right photo) with image stabilization and an ultra sonic motor (USM) for focusing. USM lenses usually provided faster auto focusing that is quieter than their non USM counterparts. The second lens is a monster 800mm f/5.6L prime (left photo) which also features image stabilization and USM.

New Canon Super Telephoto Lenses

Both of these lenses are geared towards professional sports photographers, and out of reach for mere mortals like me, but it is still fun to think about what it must be like to shoot with one of these. On the other hand, I won’t be complaining about lugging that monster 800mm lens where ever I go. There are pros and cons to everything I guess.

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