Photoblogger Captures Purse Snatcher

A purse snatcher - Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham happened to be in the right place at the right time with his camera after snapping a woman in the process of being mugged. Joe Says…

“It happened very fast in front of me as I was out walking. He shoved her to the ground and they wrestled for her purse. She clung tight and I shouted I was calling the cops. He heard me and gave her bag two more hard yanks and then fled empty-handed into the street. I helped her up and over to the payphone. Once the call was made I sat with her while she waited for the police. Her name is Patricia Yellow Hammer. She was shook up but uninjured save for a scuffed thumb. To pass the time and take her mind off her troubles we had fun making some pictures of random people. By the time the cops arrived, she had her smile back.”

2 Responses to “ Photoblogger Captures Purse Snatcher ”

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  2. Thats cool. Always good to see people attempting to help in some way, even if it is just by yelling at the guy. Its a lot better than the people stepping over and taking camera phone photos of a woman bleeding and dying in a store! I’d imagine if people would take the time more often to stand up for others, there would be less petty crimes and assault like this.

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