Turkey Bowl 2008 Pictures

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving the Filipino Cultural Association of College Park takes part in a flag-football tournament with other schools in the area. For the past three years I have been taking pictures at the game while Kristina played. Since Kristina is no longer a student she was there for moral support but I still took pictures. Here are some of the standout photos.

The girls team fared well but ended up losing to rival George Mason in the last game. The boys ended up winning it all but it was so windy and cold Kristina and I decided to take off early. Besides when the sun goes down it’s pretty much useless to take sports photos.

There are two albums on Facebook with even more images.

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  1. hey, saw your shots on facebook. best use of cloning ever with that first shot–truly impressive. did you just layer mask the background and superimpose the shots?

  2. Yup, pretty much just layered the images on top of each other and then erased parts on the top two layers that I didn’t need. I did a little bit of blurring around the edges to help the whole thing mesh a little better. To finish it off I flattened the image and did some image adjustments to make the colors pop.

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