Russell The Cook?

Tomorrow is the annual company potluck at work and rather than take the easy way out and buying a dish, I decided to actually cook something. Cooking is certainly not my forte as my regular dinners consist of Health Choice microwaveable dinners. A tantalizing Mediterranean Spinach and Rice dish from the Sun-Maid Raisins recipe site seemed like a good challenge. It helped that I assisted Kristina in making this one time, so I was pretty familiar with the process

Everything was smooth sailing for me except for one thing. I thought a clove was a whole garlic bulb not the little pieces that break apart when you peel off the skin. Oops! The recipe called for “4 cloves of finely chopped garlic.” I was hacking away for a good 20 minutes when my roommate walked into the kitchen and exclaimed at the large amount of garlic I was preparing. We salvaged most of the left overs in a small Tupperware container which he will most likely use later. I am happy the dish turned out just fine but I do not look forward to cooking for a while. Those microwave dinners at $2.89 a piece are well worth bypassing the hassles of preparing, storing, and cooking other foods. Here are two photos of my culinary masterpiece:

Mediterranean Spinach and Rice Wide

Mediterranean Spinach and Rice Close Up

3 Responses to “ Russell The Cook? ”

  1. In my world there is no such thing as “too much garlic,” and a whole bulb is about average.

  2. I almost made the same mistake when cooking up a pot of spaghetti for the group on our Finger Lakes paddling trip. They had a jar of garlic sauce and I added the WHOLE thing to the spaghetti, but luckily, someone else saw me do it and we scraped the stuff out before I poisoned the entire group. See

    Seriously, cooking is FUN with a crowd. I like camp cooking, because most people are clueless and really appreciate a few hot pancakes or a pot of spaghetti more outdoors than they would in your kitchen.

    Are you still having nosebleeds? Maybe the garlic will help–keeps vampires away.

  3. Was that room-mate, my brother? lol, oh and making it from scratch is better because then there aren’t tons of preservatives in it like in your frozen dishes.

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