Server Details Of The Candidates

With Super Tuesday right around the corner, what is an undecided web geek to do? Why break a decision down into technical specs, like any other decision they have ever had to make.

Robert Accettura did a little survey of the presidential-hopefuls websites and noted what technologies were used on the front and backend. If you were to vote solely on who is using the best web technologies, your best bet would be Barack Obama. His site is run on an open source operating system, uses a CSS based design, as well as HTTP compression. Hillary Clinton and half of the Republican candidates are running Microsoft IIS; surprise, surprise! This survey also showed how web standards has come a long way as all of the candidates but one (Mike Gravel) neglected using a table-based layout.


Does a well-built website architecture make for a great leader? Probably not. But if you are a web geek you will probably get a kick out of these stats, just like me. Check out Roberts page for the complete breakdown.

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