Some Mean Thunderstorms In The DC Area

Today has been an interesting weather day. I was awoken at 6am by one loud thunderclap followed by several long, low rumbles. Everything was fine on my way into work and the sun even came out during the day. But near the end of the day, I looked out the window and saw it was ominously dark. So naturally I decided to venture outside and take some pictures on my phone.

Ominous Dark Clouds Over Georgetown

Scary Clouds Over Georgetown

You can see how strong these storms were by looking at the radar. So I decided to hunker down at work until the thunder died down.


Of course the Metro was all kinds of backed up. Go figure. Hopefully tomorrow will be less stormy.

2 Responses to “ Some Mean Thunderstorms In The DC Area ”

  1. The most severe section of storms looks like Japan!

  2. Or withered poop!

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