Stats On How I Will Probably Die

Sorry for the grim title but I just discovered this great infographic featuring statistics of how men in the United States will die in 2008. There are various causes covered including suicide, heatstroke, and electrocutions. The data was collected from the CDC’s WONDER Database. WONDER stands for Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research which is a collection of data that’s available to public health professionals and the public at large, boasting a wide array of public health information.

Thanks to this it looks I don’t have to worry about shark attacks (1), foreign objects left behind during surgery (2), or fireworks accidents (5).

Broken Image

UPDATE: This originally appeared in the November 2007 issue of Men’s Health and was designed by Julia Hoffman.

UPDATE 2: From Sean Nolan, Director of Men’s Health Online

Please remove the copyright-protected graphic from Men’s Health magazine currently at this URL:
You do not have the permission of Men’s Health to us it.

Sorry people!

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  1. fuck….

  2. Fuck is right.

  3. Fuckin die!

  4. Ah, the unbiased, non-political CDC — even though firearms are WELL down the list, they still use a gun as the only graphic on the page. I notice also that they somehow omitted “medical mistakes,” which account for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually (see [] ).

  5. Interestingly enough, that’s because the Gun forms the nose of the Skull of which all those lovely words form the shape.

    And it’s obviously not an account of every single possible death, or even of the top 20 causes of death (why would shark attack be on there?).

    Thank before you write.

  6. Hmmm, you only saw the gun graphic. I see over 20 other graphics: the heart, the flames, the spider….

  7. dan z, that was a seriously retarded post. you must be incredibly full of yourself.

  8. Dan Z you are pretty aware dude. I would have never questioned the gun much less the stats. I would have gone along with the rest of the sheep like shakefu, baqbeat and yoyo. Thanks for the insight!

  9. As was stated by Shakefu, the gun is put of the overall picture, providing the nose.
    If all “Dan Z” saw was the gun, he evidently isnt very aware at all, because he didn’t see the (literally) bigger picture.
    But I laugh at the fact that more of you Americans are gonna die from CHD than from Cancer.
    And then the fact that nearly twice as many men will commit suicide than be murdered.
    Crazy, crazy Americans.

  10. I think that since there is usually an underlying cause for receiving medical treatments or “mistakes” as some of them may be, that those underlying causes of death are in fact responsible for death in most cases. Take for example if someone comes into the ER with multiple wounds and massive blood loss and the ER doctor who probably hasn’t slept in 20 hrs makes a procedural mistake that caused the guy to crash – is it really the ER doctor’s fault? Was it a medical mistake or was it the fucking moron who was drinking and driving enough to crash and sustain those injuries. Remember, Dan Z, we used to be lucky as a species to live past 40, and with the concurrent evolution of medicine as a tool for increasing life and livelihood, there are bound to be many, many snags to cheating death. So do me a favor and be grateful to the people who bust their ass to improve yours before making comments that got you ripped, mr aware!

  11. While I agree with you that many of us in the medical world are incredibly overworked, tired and busting their ass to save lives, we still can’t overlook the fact that mistakes happen and we need to be accountable for them. We need to look at the system that has MD’s awake 24 hours and still making life and death decisions. We need to look at the nurses administering incorrect meds. We need to look at the pharmacist issuing the incorrect med. In short, while we are overworked, tired, and occasionally overwhelmed, that is not an acceptable answer to the very large number of people that die from preventable errors in the health field every year.

  12. Hey Sharpy , I Laugh at the fact that your NOT American and that your probably French , where thousands died from a heat wave because they could not afford Air Conditioning.–HA-HA-HA!!! Crazy , Crazy Your-A-Pee-On’s !!

  13. from my cold dead hands…… LOL

  14. I plan to write something here shortly, so I would first like to thank Shakefu, as seems to be custom.

    thank you Shakefu.

  15. Ha! Think for your thanking before you write! 😀

  16. I’m fucked (or ‘shopped)

  17. My dad was one of the ones for stroke….

  18. What about famine, civil war, war and other government plans for us? (I know, they’re protecting us from terrorism). Yeah, right. Just think, it’s possibly I could go to prison for this comment. This list is the least of our worries.

  19. your a fucking moron

  20. Agreed , How do you reply to a jack-ass like this ? I know….Dude..Ya gotta stop taking the Beatles lyrics so seriously.

  21. Responses like these really do say more about you than me. Don’t be such a blatant sheeple.

  22. Oxnard…. you do understand that sheeple is a plural noun, right? Sheep(singular or plural)+people(plural)= Sheeple

  23. Yes, and I was talking to the many sheeple in the world. Becausee tribalism runs so deep (as archaic as it is) and the desire to conform is so strong in sheeple, they are easily led and misled. They can see with their own eyes Tower 7 collapse for no reason and still believe an inside job is ridiculous. They can make a free thinker feel foolish to keep them in line or discredit them. It’s easy for a Hitler or Bush to use this to their advantage, Big Brother is watching. If you don’t see it you’re one of the sheeple. Peace ~ Out

  24. I thnik this could be a dead on guple

  25. what about suicide?

  26. wait nm i found it

  27. photo shopped..

  28. Definitely PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!

  29. Shadows are ALL wrong!

  30. LOL 😀

  31. Another reason to add to the long list of why I’m not American! (note to self: get another book and pen for the list)

  32. What, you mean other than not being born in America?

  33. Meant to say … I’m glad I’m not American! …

  34. Yeah, because if you were American, clearly you wouldn’t have the choice of living a healthy life yourself. It really is a shame that in America being fat is contagious, and it is next to impossible not to kill yourself. Heh…

  35. Count my dad down for lung cancer. Those statistics are frightening.

  36. I’m surprised McDo—ds isn’t listed.

  37. do they have one for woman?

  38. Andrea killing women has become a sport for men , just read your newspaper internet womens news sites, wake UP!

  39. shetopia – I think Andrea was just asking an honest question! But you’re right, she may also be “asleep” to the fact that women also die.

  40. what about war? more than 40 men die each year from war or military activities.. why arent these included?

  41. The Stat’s are for “# of Men IN the U.S.” , not “Soldiers overseas” , if you would like these slanted stat’s , just tune into CNN.

  42. You really want this thing getting into political territory?

  43. Abortion? That would dwarf everything. Unless it is only scoring adults, I suppose.

  44. phew,… nobody in U.S died in 2008 because of terrorist attacks, which means there probably isn’t any terrorist attack planed for 2008.

    Just looking at the stats, even if there is no war, no terrorist, no neutral disaster, more then half a million died due to just cancer and heart disease.

  45. I hate those neutral disasters!

    But you make a good point. This is how a good infographic can put things into perspective.

  46. Maybe all the women will go mad and mass poison the guys at dinnertime!

  47. I’ll be on there for Skin Cancer…

  48. Awesome, please make this into a T-shirt!

  49. Talk to the designer Julia Hoffmann, she designed it ->

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  51. Don’t forget pneumonia (61,777 in 2001)

  52. So heart disease is the top killer in the world, which this chart shows. Except for genetic disorders, most heart disease comes from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Unhealthy cholesterol is only found in foods made of animal products. Why is it that our government makes things like cannabis illegal, while animal product foods and killer sharks remain mostly unregulated?

  53. Hey Men’s Health idiots, you just lost out on thousands of free advertising hits from this blog. And wasted 5 mins of my time. Selfish bastards.

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  55. I am cancelling my Men’s Health subscription

  56. Excellent! Glad to hear Men’s Health will suffer repercussions from their actions.

  57. A most informative guide on lung cancer, thank you, it has provided me with some comfort

  58. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that

  59. Great info loved it , I will bookmark this . Looking forward to hear more from you . Digg it. huhuhu

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