The Skeletor Show Hits It Big

While we are still on the topic of the power in YouTube, one of my favorite video mash-ups has catapulted its creator to success. The Skeletor Show is a simple remix of old He-Man episodes redubbed and edited in a comedic way (as if the original He-Man cartoons weren’t funny enough). Take a look at the trailer for a better idea…

The Skeletor Show was created by Daniel Geduld, originally from Indiana but he later moved to Los Angeles in hopes of some kind of acting career. As you might imagine, he didn’t get hired for very much and used his free time and voice-over talent to remix Skeletor. Apparently it was time well spent as CNN recently ran an article about him where he is now making a living doing other voice over work. In the credits of each show Daniel added his e-mail address along with the line “Please hire me” and as the show took off, via several popular blogging mentions, sites like came a knocking.

I was shocked to see The Skeletor Show mentioned on CNN. I don’t recall how I stumbled onto it but it was one of the only YouTube series I actually subscribed to and checked for updates. There hasn’t been a new episode in nearly four months, a bittersweet triumph of Daniel’s new found lack of free time. But this is just another example of how a new medium is creating opportunities for up and coming amateurs to be seen by the world. I wonder where we will see Mr. Geduld next.

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