Tips For Macro Bug Photography

Canon EF 100mm Macro Lens

Insects make for an interesting photographic subject, not because they are rare, but because of their abundance. Finding bugs is not a hard challenge but releasing your shutter in the nick of time before they buzz off can be like herding cats. has some good tips to take into consideration while you are out on a critter chase. Some of my favorite include:

  • There is not just one bee or fly out there. Remember, you are surrounded by millions of insects every day and if the first one you see gets away, there’ll be another soon enough.
  • Most insects are very sensitive to carbon dioxide, and will run or fly away if you breathe directly on them; however, certain beetles will freeze when breathed on — experiment!

These tips would have come in handy back when I was shooting the spider in my bathroom. Well, a macro lens would have helped too.

(via Boing Boing)

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