Using Crowdsourcing To Fight Unknown Callers

Have you ever gotten a call from a random number across the country? I used to answer these calls only to get an automated message detailing how I can get a loan. This is an outcry since I signed up for the DO NOT CALL list and I am using a cell phone which I thought was off limits for telemarketers. Regardless, I Googled the number and stumbled upon this great little community.

Man Screaming At Phone
is “is an online community where users can identify mystery callers by sharing comments about the calls. The website has a user-supported directory of unlisted numbers that provides info about who and why is calling and how one can stop unwanted calls.” Through the power of the Internet people are banding together and sharing information about these pesky junk calls burning up our valuable time. If someone finds out who the person or group calling is, they share it. If there is a way to get off the calling list, they post it.

Sites like these are awesome. To take this to a next level, it would be cool if there was a plug-in for phones that creates a menu option to automatically poll for any call you just received. This is easily the best thing I Googled today, maybe even this week. Another option to is

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  1. What happened to these sites?

  2. Weird. they both seem to be down. I wonder why?

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