We Dudes & Design Float

I stumbled on two sites today that really struck me with their design.

WeDude.com Screenshot
WeDudes is a site dedicated to creating little versions of yourself or avatars. I’m really attracted to the fun cartoon style of the page. Not much else to say about this simple site as it is in a closed beta, though I would like to see more of it.

DesignFloat.com Screenshot
This site is another Digg.com inspired social news site but with a focus on all things design. From all of the other Digg clones running on Pligg on the web, this one takes the cake for the best creative stylings. The idea of floating a story up to the top is a clever paradigm and the bright colors give it a fun, light feeling. I’ve added their NetVibes widget to my everyday reading list in case a good story rises.

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