Banner Ads Get A Little Smarter

Banner ads have been around on the web for ages but Tailgate wants to spruce these ancient advertisements. Utilizing AJAX, a user can purchase a product right inside the banner ad without clicking through to another site or leaving the page they are currently on. Take a look for yourself.

Tailgate benefits all parties involved…

  • The customer gets what they want right away with little hassle.
  • Advertisers make buying impulse items easier.
  • The publisher retains their visitor while still profiting from the advertisement.

Tailgate Web 2.0 Banner Ad

I think the publisher really benefits the most here because they can earn more money via this affiliate behavior which is more valuable than a simple click through. I hope there is still a good chunk of the web population that is not immune to banner ads since they easily can become invisible to repeat visitors.

There are also possibilities for security concerns as there is no way to ensure the credit card information entered is sent over a secure connection or if the company on the other end is even legitimate.

It is still nice to see some innovation in a space that has been dead to me for quite some time.

2 Responses to “ Banner Ads Get A Little Smarter ”

  1. Hey this is nice, but unlike leaving an unsecured website and entering a secure site, is there any notice to the customer that they have a secure transaction? I mean I know you state the concerns – but there has to be a way to show securities without making ever page that it is on, a secure site page.

    The idea is nice. Direct advertisement. I can see this having great effects with reviews and such, where the people are searching for product reviews before they buy. Now instead of doing 2 searches, they can search the review, then buy off the non-retail site via the banner ad. If implemented correctly I could see this being popular with impulse buyers.


    Both mention the security risks.. Especially a cloned banner that appears to be a legitimate one. I’m not much of an impulse buyer, so I’ll probably stay away, anyways. Sorry for the double post.

    Maybe this is just another lesson in researching your product, then researching for the best price, and not to trust a single ad/price/transaction. ;D

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