Crocs + Uggs = Cruggs?

Crocs + Uggs = Cruggs?

Apparently the two worst shoe fashions have mated creating one super fugly footwear mashup. Birkenstocks and Platforms? No Crocs and Uggs, which are officially called Mammoth’s though I like to call them Cruggs. The creator of these hideous foot coverings wised up to the idea that no one was going to wear aerated plastic shoes in the middle of winter. Expect to see these on the feet of teeny boppers everywhere in a matter of weeks. Ick!

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3 Responses to “ Crocs + Uggs = Cruggs? ”

  1. Ugly like link whoring.

  2. oh my god. I was so excited for fall so that the horrible crocs would be gone! I hadn’t thought of the eminent return of Uggs! This is much much worse.

  3. You really saved my skin with this ifnromtaion. Thanks!

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