Dice-O-Matic: Random Dice Rolling Machine

When you have a popular site that revolves around games that need dice rolled, a pseudo-random number generator just isn’t going to cut it. Computers have a hard time doing random things, which is why you have to fake it. GamesByEmail.com uses some 80,000+ dice rolls for its users and when they started complaining about the not-so-random dice rolls, the only thing to do was generate a machine that could do the real thing called the dice-o-matic.

The dice-o-matic is a 7 foot tall conveyor belt capable of rolling the 200 dice in the machine four times a minute, totaling over 1,330,000 rolls a day. A camera processes the row of dice at the top of the conveyor belt before they are dropped onto a twisty ramp where they roll all the way down again.

It’s an interesting project for such a seemingly simple task of rolling a die.

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