Digg Has Had A Picture Section All Along

Many grumbling tech nerds complain that Digg.com should really implement a picture section judging from the number of submissions with [pic] in the title. But what they don’t know is that Digg already has a picture section! Don’t believe me, look for yourself. Here is the most popular pictures of the day and here are the upcoming ones. So why is everyone so up in a huff?

Angry At Digg For Lack Of Picture Section

I kind of like the mixture of stories which I will never see much of if they create a new section similar to what they have done for videos. What they really need is an “All” section so videos and news stories can mingle together for the benefit of nerd kind. Oh and while we are wishing, Digg might as well throw in a “Digg” category for all of the self-absorbed Digg news that seems to make it to the front page. That is a section I would not include in my filter.

Update: I wrote this last night before Kevin Rose published this entry on the Digg blog. Apparently an “All” section is coming in the near future and a true picture section will hit the scene sometimes around October. My psychic diggness has been off the charts recently.

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