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Printer Vs. Cat

Printer = 1, Cat = 0.

Funny Ad: Who Wants A Kindle?


“The Kindle is basically a big ugly iPod that allows you to carry 200 books with you at all times. Which raises the important question: who the hell reads that much? This fake ad introduces you to the terrifying target audience.”

300 Trailer Simpsons Style

Take the greatest animated series in history and combine it with the audio from one of the most dramatic and breath taking films released this year and what do you get? The 300 Trailer: Simpsons Style

Huge Super Soaker Collection

Remember all the fun you used to have as a kid with the ultimate squirt gun? This guy obviously couldn’t let go of his obsession.

Large Super Soaker Collection

I hope he has a lot of friends come over for a huge water battle!

Monty Python Would Be Proud

Surreal animation/video that would make Monty Python proud.

If you liked this cyriak has a lot more where that came from.

Rare Shark Caught On Film

Female Frilled Shark

This took place at the end of last January but I just found out about it today. A rare species of shark which resembles an eel with a mouthful of needle sharp teeth has been captured and photographed after rising to the surface off the coast of Japan. The creature was identified as a female frilled shark which usually lives 2,000 feet or more under the ocean. Humans can’t tread that deep hence the documentation of the fish has been scarce. Apparently the shark has changed very little since prehistoric times making it a sort of living fossil.

Stylish Lamps Made Out Of Old Bulbs

Every time a light bulb burns out I feel a little uneasy about throwing it away. I find the simple design of a light bulb is a great source of inspiration. Bulbs Unlimited must have felt the same way so they created a kit that lets you creacycle (creative recycle) those dead bulbs and turn them into a functional new lighting piece yourself.

Lamp Virus

These look so cool and there are four different patterns to choose from: Virus, Cube, Corona, and Circle. You can purchase a kit in the price range from about 12,95€ ($18) all the way up to 89,95€ ($122), depending on the complexity of the design.

Lamp Cube

(via Technabob)

DIY Film Rigs

Video Camera Bike Mount has a great feature all about film rigs for scrappy independent filmmakers. DIY Film School consists of links to instructions on building tons of great film tools for a fraction of the price of buying things new. I have made some of these and of course they take a lot of time and the quality is a little low. But hey, you get what you paid for but just don’t expect Hollywood results from this stuff.
The list of things you can build includes:

If you’re itching for more of this kind of stuff then check out Home Built Stabilizers for tons of homemade movie-tool goodness. So much for your free time this weekend 🙂

How “Dugg” Are You?

Digg is the center of the universe for tech geeks like myself, which should come as no surprise that there is a Digg Test for determining your loyalty to the epicenter of the Internet. asks you various questions all about Digg and your digging habits. According to the test I am “sickly in love with Digg” ranking in the 93rd percentile compared to other quiz takers. It should be no surprsise since I signed up with the site back in July 2005.

At the end of the test you get a nifty button that you could post on your blog to help promote the test as well as strut your impressive web-nerd knowledge to the rest of the blogosphere. See… says I'm 93% Dugg! How Do You Digg? Click here!

Digg Has Had A Picture Section All Along

Many grumbling tech nerds complain that should really implement a picture section judging from the number of submissions with [pic] in the title. But what they don’t know is that Digg already has a picture section! Don’t believe me, look for yourself. Here is the most popular pictures of the day and here are the upcoming ones. So why is everyone so up in a huff?

Angry At Digg For Lack Of Picture Section

I kind of like the mixture of stories which I will never see much of if they create a new section similar to what they have done for videos. What they really need is an “All” section so videos and news stories can mingle together for the benefit of nerd kind. Oh and while we are wishing, Digg might as well throw in a “Digg” category for all of the self-absorbed Digg news that seems to make it to the front page. That is a section I would not include in my filter.

Update: I wrote this last night before Kevin Rose published this entry on the Digg blog. Apparently an “All” section is coming in the near future and a true picture section will hit the scene sometimes around October. My psychic diggness has been off the charts recently.