Don’t You Wish You Could Pogo-Stick To Work

Pogo by egoodwinart

I have always been struck by this painting of a business man hopping on a pogo stick with his briefcase in hand. Some days when I am walking from the metro to work I think “It would be so awesome to do this on a pogo stick, just like in the painting.” But then I would have to wear a suit everyday to heighten the outrageousness of the idea. People generally don’t expect suit-wearing, briefcase-toting business folk to be hopping down the street like a 12 year old kid. That’s what makes it interesting.

Of course most of my commute is spent underground in a train that has a premium on space and managing a pogo stick would be a big hassle. I guess if I ever get a job where I can walk the whole way to the office I will trade in my sneakers for some wing tips and a pin stripe suit to go along with my visual gag.

Prints of this painting are available at egoodwinart’s online art store.

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