FACES 2007 Fashion Show

Faces 2007 Models

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of photographing a fashion show hosted by the Filipino Cultural Association, Chinese Culture Club/Chinese Student Association, and the Korean Student Association at the University of Maryland. My Sigma 70-200mm came in handy as their was very little light (even though there was a bright spot light on the models) forcing me to shoot at 800 ISO to get shutter speeds fast enough to freeze the action. There were three other DSLR shooters there that night, and they all had external flashes.

Equipment aside I was happy with the photos I captured from a seat in the front row at the corner of the runway. I snapped 540 pictures filling up my two compact flash cards for a total of 1.5 gigabytes. Next weekend I’m going to be shooting flag football games all day Sunday. I think we’re going to need a bigger boat card.

You can see the keepers on Facebook (1,2,3) but here are some of my top picks:

Faces 2007 Moo Cow Hoody
Faces 2007 Ripped AsianFaces 2007 Green BikiniFaces 2007 Shiny HoodyFaces 2007 Green Bow DressFaces 2007 Red And PurpleFaces 2007 Short Skirt Red TieFaces 2007 Preppy MD Tie

Faces 2007 Silver Dress

Faces 2007 Cheetah Shoes
Faces 2007 Boys Line

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  1. I love your photos babe!! AWESOME JOB!! Thanks for all your help! smoochies… i am glad you were there to capture the moment.

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