Graphic Blandishment? What’s That?

A Charlie Brown Christmas was on TV tonight and I noticed the term “Graphic Blandishment” in the credit. Turning to the trusty Internets I found out

“Graphic Blandishment is a term also known as “Animation”. Charles M. Schultz used that term in his Peanuts/Charlie Brown Animation Credits to credit the Animators.” – WikiAnswers

It seems Mr. Schultz wasn’t a fan of hand-drawn motion pictures.

A frame from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special

After the 1965 version there was a newer version which was downright-lame. So instead I went to YouTube and found this NSFW remix. And when they say NSFW, they really mean NSFW.

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  1. It wasn’t Schultz that came up with the term, and there’s no evidence that Schultz was not a fan of “hand drawn motion pictures”.

    It was Bill Melendez, the director and head animator, who came up with the “graphic blandishment” credit. Instead of crediting the animation artists by specific jobs done, he preferred to just lump all of the artists into one grouping.

  2. Thanks for clarifying that, K.B.!

  3. Definitely appreciate you discussing this article. Great!!

  4. bland·ish·ment/ˈblandiSHmÉ™nt/
    A flattering or pleasing statement or action used to persuade someone gently to do something.

    Glad I could help.

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