Help Me Pick The 10 Best FootBall Photos

All season I have been photographing the University of Maryland boys and girls Filipino flag football team. I learned a lot along the way and took over 1700+ photos on the day of the big tournament. All of this was in hopes of capturing a winning shot for the Canon Football Photo contest! The grand prize wins a trip to the Football Hall of Fame where the winning photo will be displayed in addition to a trip to the Super Bowl in February. The submission deadline is December 2nd, which means I need to pick the 10 best shots to submit in a hurry!

Just reaching over the line…

So here they are on Facebook, the 29 best shots. Let me know which ones are your favorite so I can narrow down a winner. If you don’t have a Facebook account, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments of this blog entry with links to your favorite ones.

I will appreciate all of the feedback I can get.

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