Hide The Pink Shirt Guy

The Internet seems love photos of seemingly normal things in a weird context. For example, take the tourist of death image that made its way around the Internet via e-mail a couple of years ago.

Tourist Of Death

Many believed this photo was legitimate but according to online urban legend debunking site Snopes.com, there were too many physical and logistical errors with the image. Hence forth, the Internet began making mashups putting the tourist image into various other situations.

The pink shirt guy is the same sort of meme. Take a look at the original photo…

The Pink Shirt Guy

The scene looks rather serious and yet pink shirt guy breaks up the drama with his calm demeanor and smooth yet refreshing attire. No one seems to know who pink shirt guy is but it certainly has sparked a series of mashups with his image popping up in a variety of places.

HidePinkShirtGuy.com hopes to take the fad offline by providing various printable versions that people can use to hide in the real world. The site accepts submissions of the pink shirt guy blended into the real world with the best rated photos featured on the homepage. That’s about all there is to the site but it was mentioned on TechCrunch in a post about web 2.0 bubble indicators.

So like the site says, join the revolution by making your own pink shirt guy and hiding him somewhere in the real world.
Pink Shirt Guy Vector

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