iPhone Mania Attracts iDummies

The release of the iPhone brought out a high supply of morons including this lady from Texas.

If you devised a plan to buy out the entire supply, let alone forking over $500 for just one iPhone, you would think investigating the details of the launch prior to arriving would be a given. How could you miss it? The entire Internet was regurgitating iPhone deets.

And selling them all on eBay? Ha! Too bad Apple was loaded with iPhones in all of their locations killing any eBay plundering that might have occurred. If there was a large supply of iPhones, then looking back at all of the suckers standing in line now seems like a complete waste of time. Apple wanted all the buzz it could get for its first foray into the phone business and creating a false sense of supply is the perfect way to lure consumers in. Of course having every media outlet in the world buzzing about the launch for the past six months doesn’t hurt either.

Another thing, why would you even think of buying an iPhone at an AT&T store? Apple is all about user experience and unlike the cell phone store, isn’t trying to shove a sales pitch down your throat or force you to buy accessories with your purchase.

I hope all of the iPhone maniacs out there are enjoying their shiny new device. Apparently there are quite a few shortfalls about the device that people are discovering after actually using the thing. If Apple’s number one strength is user experience design their number two strength, without a doubt, must be marketing. How else can you explain the throngs of giddy people who were more than willing to give up their hard earned moola for a device that can only tout that it is more “sexy” than anything else out there.

At least the idiot lady above probably didn’t drop her single iPhone right out of the box.

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