Last Zune In the DC Area

My 60 GB Creative Zen Vision:M recently died and I have bee looking for a worthy replacement for the past month. The 2nd generation Zune, known as the Zune 80, is the best digital media player out there. I started looking online for a site that has the player in stock and came out with nothing. Then on a whim I looked for Target stores in my area that might have a Zune 80 available and there was only one left at the Target at Route 198 and 295. The customer service rep I talked with said they weren’t selling that well, HA! I rushed out and picked it up.

Last Zune 80 in DC Area

You are probably thinking that is where the story ends? I got the player I wanted and everything is grande! But this is the first time I have an item that is in frenzied demand. Such a high demand that people are willing to pay more than retail in order to get it before it comes back in stock, which could take 2-6 weeks. So I listed it on Amazon and made a post on the DC area Craigslist with a hearty markup. If it doesn’t sell in a couple of days, then I will open it up and use it, but if I can find a buyer I have no problem waiting a couple weeks to get a Zune 80 at the regular price.

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  2. I wondered if you compared the Zune 80 and the Creative Zen Vision M? Comments? Size? Screen? Features?

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